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How To Reduce the Pressure of the First Date

Posted By: on March 18,2017
Whether you’re 25 or 65, for the majority of people looking for love feel nervous on first dates. It’s a situation where most people think their love is at stake and the chance to a second date is dependent on his or her performance. Feeling stressed out on dates makes you unattractive. Thought, performing under pressure on first dates don’t always make your date love you; it does increase your chances of a second date. Here are the three most… [+]

12 Reasons You Should Date A First Born Child

Posted By: on March 18,2017
There has been research conducted by late psychologist Alfred Adler, who speculated that an individual’s personality, temperament, and habits are significantly shaped by his or her position in the sibling group. Various studies show that the birth order greatly influences a person’s education, career, earning capability and much more. This brings us to the topic of firstborns and whether they make great partners. Here are 12 reasons you should consider dating a first child. So read on and decide for… [+]

We All Want Chemistry In Relationships – But What Is Chemistry?

Posted By: on March 17,2017
When it comes to having a fulfilling relationship, chemistry is inevitable. But, it doesn’t always eventuate in the way we would like it to think. Most men and women were looking for someone dream of a day when they will fall in love with someone at first sight, but in real life, it’s more complicated. We all had arguments with our friends when we passed on someone attractive. The reason we did that we didn’t find any chemistry with the… [+]

12 Reasons You SHOULD Date a Middle Child

Posted By: on March 17,2017
Popular culture seems to depict the middle child as the overlooked sibling and unfavorably compared to their overachieving older and their younger siblings. But, before you pass on any stereotypical judgment, many unique characteristics make the middles special in the family with siblings. Here are 12 reasons you should consider dating a middle child as it’s known to many they make excellent romantic partners. Read on to find more: 1. The middles happen to be exceptional negotiators. Whenever disputes and… [+]

Holding Onto an Old Relationship Can Make You Sick and Feel Hopeless

Posted By: on March 15,2017
Sometimes forgiving someone who has wronged or hurt you is right for you. If you’ve been in a relationship and he or she breaks up with you, it’s perfectly natural to resent and hold a grudge against that person for the tremendous pain they caused you. However, holding a grudge will do more harm to you and usually doesn't hurt the person who caused the heartbreak. Bitterness and resentment can make you physically sick. Bitterness and resentment can cause psychological… [+]

5 Ways To Overcome Dating Frustration

Posted By: on March 14,2017
When you’re looking for someone to date, the search may seem like it’s taking forever to meet your match. Many of us get impatient and frustrated in the process of finding love, and finding love can indeed take a long time to happen. It may seem like love is within your reach, yet it’s far away. Getting impatient and frustrated will only make it harder. But, there is a way to deal with it. Here are five ways to deal… [+]

4 Qualities To Look For In A Man During Dating

Posted By: on March 14,2017
Most women want to date a man, who is kind, loving, caring, tall, handsome, successful, etc., but they’re finding it hard to find someone with all those qualities. But, what if I told you that you’ve met and have been surrounded by high-quality men, but failed to recognize them. This is why a lot of women have passed on great guys and settled for men not right for them. Anyways, there is the way how you can spot a high-quality… [+]

Is He Really ‘In Love’ With You?

Posted By: on March 11,2017
We all have come across women who have invested a lot of time and energy in their relationships just to find out that the man they’re in love with doesn’t love them. Most women get confused and downright angry about it. They can’t seem to understand that how can a man ask them out, buy gifts for them, have sex with them, and then out of the blue admit to them that they don’t have feelings for her? Were they… [+]

Are Your Bad Dating Habits Holding You From Finding Love?

Posted By: on March 11,2017
When looking for love, most men and women have a list of habits and behaviors they like to see and don’t like to see in their potential partners. While the absence of some good habits and the presence of bad traits can be compromised but some habits are total deal breakers. Read on to find more: 1. Expecting your dating life to be comfortable. In life, nothing is free or easy. You have to strive to find it, make it… [+]

Is Your Man Really Who He Says He Is?

Posted By: on March 10,2017
If you’re someone who has been dating for a while, you probably learned a few things along the way, such as realizing the difference between various types of relationships. You seem to understand which relationships are worth pursuing and which ones you should leave. And for those women, you’ve just started dating here are three important questions that you ask yourself to distinguish between a man who is right for you and who isn’t. Is he ready for a relationship?… [+]