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Four Tips To Reduce Anxiety On First Dates

Posted By: on March 01,2017
Dating is stressful, no doubt about it. Most men and women get really anxious on their first dates because it’s all unknown and no one knows what’s going to happen. All these stress and anxiety will put you in the wrong mood to meet someone new. The best way to confront your anxiety is to relax and be confident, so don’t get overly anxious before meeting your date. Here are four tips that can be helpful to reduce anxiety on… [+]

Are First Dates Like Job Interviews?

Before we tell you if first dates are like job interviews, let us talk about speed dating events to get a perspective on the subject, and it isn’t pretty for the most part. When it comes to speed dating, when two people meet with their potential partners, a lot of normal behavior and reasoning goes out of the door. We only want to impress and get impressed. What we tend to forget is that connecting with someone gets complicated, when… [+]

Four Body Language Signs That Says a Man Is Interested In You

Sometimes you don’t need someone to verbally tell you they’re attracted or interested in you, particularly when it comes to men. We all know that unlike women, men like to convey their feelings and thoughts by acting on it. After all, actions speak louder than words. Here are four of a man’s body language that easily tells that he is interested in you and is looking forward for the magical word, ‘yes’ from you. Read on to check it out:… [+]

How To Get The Attention Of Your Crush While Looking Fabulous?

Does this ever happen to you where the person who was desperate to catch your attention loses interest in you all of a sudden? While crossing the hallway, sitting in a café or conference room, that cutie or that handsome guy who may have been trying to draw your attention seems to suddenly have no interest in you? Ever wonder what the reason is behind losing interest? What and where it went wrong? Well, the first glance usually stirs the… [+]

Ladies – Avoid These Style Mistakes On The First Date

There are a lot of rules out there regarding what to wear on a first date. Which rule should be followed by you and what you should not opt for is a pretty difficult decision to make. But what really matters in the end is that whatever you decide to wear should bring out the best version of you. Obviously, this is your first date, and you undoubtedly want to look amazingly stunning on this very first occasion of yours.… [+]

How To Find Out If You Are Dating A Phony?

Have you ever come across someone who is so perfect that you think you’re both meant to be together forever? They fulfill all our requirements, and you almost ask yourself if it is too good to be true? Well if you really ever do feel like this then it probably is. It may seem perfect initially but soon after you will realize that it wasn’t a great deal. You need to know the following points, so you know if you’re… [+]

Ladies, This is How You Get Your Match to Ask You Out!

It can be frustrating for women looking for matches on online dating sites where they have to keep engaging in lengthy emails exchanges with their matches. Most women complain their matches never seem to ask them out and after they’ve answered several thoughtful questions. The questions range from about their past relationships, their hobbies, favorite activities, personal goals, etc. Instead of asking them out for a drink sometime, they get even more queries like, why do they like yoga? These… [+]

Second Date Tips For Men And Women

So, finally, you have made it to your second date. The second date is the time when you truly get to know about the other person. His/her real personality, past relationships, interest, likes, dislikes, etc. So, usually by the end of your second date, you will be able to get to know each other’s true inner self. After your first date, here are a few tips that will strengthen the bond of your relationship and make the second date a… [+]

Significant Signs Of Heading From “Dating” To “In a Relationship”

In the start, you find dating enjoyable and fun. But later with the lapse of time, going out with many people and still not finding the perfect one for yourself becomes very annoying. You sometimes start feeling dejected and hopeless that you will never be able to find that dream date for yourself which you hope will eventually lead to a long and healthy relationship. No need to be pissed off. You have arrived at the right place. Just go… [+]

What Should Guys Wear On Dates?

Whether you are a guy or a girl, whenever the time of the first date arrives, the most serious concern is about what to wear on the date, as most of the relationships take a start with the first impression. Fortunately, there is not a lot that you need to know. It is simple and straight forward. So, guys do not panic! Just check out the following simple tips to get yourself well dressed and presentable for your very first… [+]