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Getting Back With Ex

To Be Or Not To Be: 6 Awful Reasons to Get Back With An Ex

Getting back together with an ex is a pretty common thing. Maybe you broke up hastily or for the wrong reasons. Maybe you realize that you're miserable without them. There are definitely good reasons to get back with an ex, but there are more bad ones. Most breakups should stay permanent. If you're wondering whether you should get back with your ex or not, consider your reasoning. To help you out, we've got six awful reasons to get back with… [+]

3 Things You Must Do to Win Your Ex Back

So you both are no longer a couple, but you are still in contact. By looking into her eyes you can tell that she still has feelings for you. She still finds you attractive and she still yearns for you. You also want her back. If your mindset is right, this separation can actually be a good thing. Why, you ask? Well, you being single for the time being is a good, fun, experimental ground for you to hone your… [+]

5 Ways To Fall In Love With Him All Over Again

What happens when you love someone, but for some reason, you aren’t feeling that love again? What, can you do to bring back that ‘in love’ feeling again? Falling in love might happen by accident, but you need to nurture that love to keep it from fizzling out. Here some suggestions about how to build that love up: Stop With The Expecting And Start Appreciating Sometimes your boyfriend will let you down. It’s painful, but the main thing is not… [+]

How To Get Over Your Ex After Breaking Up, So You Don’t Go Back To Her

Posted By: on July 27,2017
Anyone who has been in a relationship is familiar with this. You have ended the relationship with your partner but can’t move on from the painful experience. The whole world tells us to move on, but there is something that is making us stay. We keep yearning for our former lovers, and this has made our lives difficult and unhappy. Moving on after a break up is easier said than done. If the relationship is new or if you and… [+]

5 Signs That Shows Even Nice Guys Can Break Your Heart

Posted By: on May 08,2017
Just because your boyfriend is a nice guy doesn’t mean he won’t hurt you. A lot has been said about bad guys, how to recognize them, why shouldn’t you date bad guys, how to avoid getting your heart broken by bad guys, and so forth. One silver lining about dating bad guys is that they show what things we shouldn’t be doing in our relationships, and sometimes they can be good tutors. But, bad men aren’t only people who can… [+]

Tips To Regain Love and Trust In Your Relationship After Lying

Posted By: on May 02,2017
You’ve met someone you like, you’ve been dating for several months, and everything between the two of you has been moving along well. You both feel lucky to be well matched, you both like the same things, you both laugh at the same things, and enjoy romantic sparks. Both of your future looks promising, and then all of a sudden something else happens. Your future looks dim after you discovered that your partner had told you a lie. Now, what… [+]

What To Do If Your Boyfriend Is Getting Back With His Ex

Posted By: on April 26,2017
So you started dating someone you like, and everything is going great. You and your boyfriend are making plans to make your relationship exclusive, and then all of a sudden this happened. You boyfriend got a call from his ex. After having a conversation with his ex, your partner tells you that it messed up his head, and he’s no longer interested in continuing the relationship with you. He said that he decided to get back with the ex who… [+]

7 Ways to Move On After A Breakup

Posted By: on April 13,2017
Dealing with a breakup is no cakewalk, that’s for sure. Breakups bring a lot of change, and most of it isn’t positive. Sadly, there’s no simple way to get around the grief and pain that comes with ending a relationship. The only way to get past it is to move through it. Here are seven ways to move on after a breakup: 1. Get rid of the anger. Often in a breakup, partners feel angry and resentful towards each other.… [+]

4 Ways To Stop Comparing Your New Dates to Your Ex

Posted By: on April 10,2017
If you’ve ended your relationship with your partner recently, and trying your best to get over your ex and move on, but finding it difficult to do it, then you aren’t alone. Every time you get to meet someone new, you start comparing him or her with your ex, making it harder for you to establish a connection with your new love interest. By always thinking and comparing your new dates with your ex, you are sabotaging your chances of… [+]

5 Ways You Can Overcome Your Pain Of A Breakup

Posted By: on March 16,2017
People tell you that you’re in a happy relationship. Why? Simple. Because you’ve been dating for several weeks, months or even years. Now that your relationship has ended, it feels like everything you’ve ever known is falling apart. Even worse, you can’t figure out the reason why the relationship ended. So, how do you deal with a breakup that came out of the blue? Below are five things that may help you cope with this: Obsess It’s perfectly natural to… [+]