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Revolutionary Natural Hair Supplement Gets Biggest Deal in Shark Tank History

Posted By: on January 20,2019
There are reports that two brothers recently landed the biggest deal in Shark Tank history, but the episode has yet to be aired. Sources say that the Sharks were astonished by the product that these two young men had created: an all-natural supplement formulated to stimulate hair growth! Is There A Shark Tank Hair Growth Pill? Supposedly, Mark and David Williams created a natural supplement that can completely reverse hair loss and balding. When they presented the info on their product… [+]
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Incredible Discovery Student At UNSW Regrows Hair In 3 Months On University Budget

Posted By: on January 18,2019
Matt Williams was just your average student at UNSW when he made an incredible discovery that would completely change his life - and the lives of others around the world! See, even though he was young, Matt had been struggling with hair loss for several years. It made him look two decades older and it led to crippling insecurity. One night he was up late doing research for his Nutritional Sciences class and he happened upon something that caught his… [+]
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Ryan Haughman From Yale Univeristy Discovers How to Reverse Balding

Posted By: on June 25,2018
Yale University student Ryan Haughman made headlines recently for discovering an all-natural cure for hair loss! Ryan was only in his 30's when he started losing his hair. It really took a toll on his confidence and he couldn't even leave the house without a hat on. For years he had tried every hair growth product on the market but nothing seemed to work. One night Ryan was browsing the internet, trying to decide what he would do a research… [+]