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What Causes Pre-Wedding Fights?

Posted By: on April 18,2017
Being engaged is always an excellent experience. But as no relationships are immune to fights, there is a chance that you and your partner may get into a pre-wedding fight. But, don’t get startled as it is common at this phase of the relationship. Here are the eight main reasons of pre-wedding fights: 1. Wedding Budget It's not quite surprising that money is number one problem when it comes to pre-wedding fights. The difference of opinion regarding how to spend… [+]

Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas For The One You Love

Long distance relationships are never easy . They can make you frustrated and annoyed. Sometimes you miss your loved one so badly that all you want is a hug from them. Missing your partner who is far away from you and conveying it by sending a gift is a unique way to express your deep love. It shows that how desperately he or she is being missed. So let us find out various sweet and fun long distance gifts that… [+]

6 Ways to Stop Your Husband from Cheating On You

Posted By: on March 08,2017
When it comes to relationships, cheating is one of the most unfortunate things to happen to a couple. We all live and work in a connected world and some men and women might unknowingly get involved in an affair. Infidelities are disastrous for relationships, so you should take steps go to prevent your partner from cheating on your in the first place. Here are six ways you can stop your boyfriend or husband from cheating on you: 1. Stop nagging.… [+]

How Long Should You Wait To Get Engaged?

Posted By: on March 08,2017
When you’re dating for a while, you probably wondered what’s taking your man taking so long to propose. Is he just patient or is he just playing you along? How long should you or they wait for it? You probably are thinking that maybe your partner isn’t proposing to you because his expectations from this relationship have changed. You’re constantly thinking how long you should wait before he pops the question to you and you’re unsure when will you bring… [+]

Can a Healthy Marriage Survive Without Sex?

Posted By: on March 05,2017
It’s even harder to sustain a marriage than a relationship. One of the biggest reasons most men and women face in their marriages is that couple says that the thrill and spark aren't there anymore. They aren’t excited as they were during the early days of the relationship. Couples say they tried everything they can to reignite the romance in their marriage, including going to relationship experts and therapists. Some find success to save their marriage, while some become so… [+]

Living Together Before Marriage – A Relationship Killer or Not?

Posted By: on March 02,2017
Many factors can create problems in a relationship. Some of the common and obvious reasons are infidelity, lack of communication, lack of commitment and trust, constant fighting and arguing and so on. Some relationships and marriages end because both partners are unhappy, started to resent each other, simply one of the partner’s can’t meet the physical, mental and emotional desired of the other partner. Now, there’s another reason that can make or break a relationship. It’s living together at the… [+]

The Three Stages to Every Relationship

In movies and television romantic relationships always have a happy ending or a scene where the couple lives happily ever after. But, in reality, not so much. There are many stages a relationship passes through over time, but most of us want a loving and long-lasting relationship in the end. Many men and women think relationships are easy, but it’s not. Mature, committed, and lasting relationships need work, and both partners have to chime in equally. Anyways, when it comes… [+]

How Can We Rejuvenate Our Emotional State?

We are humans and all of us get tired at some point. Excessive physical energy can exhaust our body, and you may need some rest to get back to normal. Same is the case with our emotions; there comes a time when life has been just a little too much and your mind can’t take the pressure. The reasons could be many - there may be issues with your love life, with your family, issues at work or just a… [+]

Don’t Rush Too Soon To Make The Relationship Official

So you've been in a relationship for some time and now you think that the situation is ideal for you to take one step further by making it all official. But you ask yourself if you’re rushing too soon? Sometimes people rush into things while they're excited but then regret it afterwards. Maybe they are agreeing to it because of some family pressure or because of the time factor with everyone getting older, but whatever the case may be it is… [+]

Be A Gentleman And Learn To Court Her

No matter in which modern age we live, no girl would want to hook up on the first date. Rushing things never turns out well, and it only wastes your chance with her even if it was close. That is because it portrays the person as desperate. Girls, whether today or tomorrow, always prefer the classy and old school way where the guys take some time to court the woman. This article is going to talk about the modern ways… [+]