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Men With Big Noses Make The Best Boyfriends And Husbands!

Posted By: on June 08,2017
Wait, what? Yes, you heard that right! Some women think that men with big noses are funny, strong, have a great personality, and full of life. So, is it possible that a nose signifies something important? It might be as it’s one of the most prominent features in a man’s face. From ancient Egyptian priests to 19th century Europeans to artist Leonardo Da Vinci everyone has been documenting the importance of the nose. So, to all those single ladies, should… [+]

What Makes A Woman “Boring” To Men? Read On To Find Out!

Posted By: on June 08,2017
Relationships aren’t all about sex. It’s the companionship that makes relationships so yearning to people. And it will only work if your boyfriend or girlfriend is exciting and spontaneous. If you’re a boring person, relationships won’t work out for you. We all have more or less experience here; you’re on a date, and you both have nothing to talk about. Both of you keep staring at your phones, the menu, the wine glass, etc. And finally, when you speak, you… [+]

Guys, Where Can You Find Miss Right?

Posted By: on June 08,2017
When you’re looking for a woman with similar values and interests, the best place to meet them is while you’re out there enjoying your hobbies and interests. This might sound awkward to you, given the fact that our lives nowadays have become ever more organized, alphabetized, and computerized. For example, if you want to work out, you go to a gym. If you want to find a date, you visit a speed dating venue or a singles bar, and so… [+]

Stop Thinking About Getting Approval From Women Before Approaching

Posted By: on June 08,2017
When it comes to dating, most guys consistently get worried about getting the woman’s approval before even approaching her. They think that if they don’t get the approval from the woman they’re attracted, is going to shut them down. This has been the trend all along. Say you’re about to meet a woman for the first time. If you’re worried about whether she’ll like or approve of who you are, then you aren’t alone. In fact, you fall among 99… [+]

Are You In Love With A Misogynistic Man?

Posted By: on June 08,2017
Misogynistic attitudes disregard women. Sometimes it can tough to spot quickly a man who is misogynistic and his misogynistic attitudes to his girlfriends and other women around him. A misogynist man doesn’t consider women to be whole, soul-centered individuals. They’re objectified as mere sexual objects who solely exist to pleasure men, and all too often by force. Most men aren’t misogynists. They’re good-hearted and respectful. They honor women, respect their feelings and anxiety and treat them with respect. However, there… [+]

4 Traits Women Look For In While Looking For A Man

Posted By: on June 07,2017
Women always prefer men who exude a distinct sense of masculine energy. This masculinity shows in your appearance, the way you talk, your behavior and even in your intellect. In fact, masculinity is the very essence of being a man. But, how can you do to highlight your masculinity? What can you do to increase your sex appeal to women more? Below are some tips that will improve your masculine energy as well as your appeal to women: The Look… [+]

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Is Distancing Him In A Serious Relationship

Posted By: on June 06,2017
Lately, you’ve felt that something’s off in your relationship. You’ve felt like your man has been distant. Every passing day he’s becoming more withdrawn and holding back from you. It feels to you that your boyfriend has a huge weight on his shoulders, he has become overwhelmed by obligations, but he won’t tell you about it because he doesn't want to disappoint you. He also hasn’t said anything you about it, and when you ask him he denies directly, but… [+]

Looking For Love? Here’s How You Can Meet A Good Man This Summer!

Posted By: on June 06,2017
Single or divorced? Looking for love? Well, it’s summer and if you’re a woman looking for a man – now is the best time. Why? Because summer is the best time to socialize. All you need is a good plan for how to meet a man. If you're little short on ideas, here are seven of the best places to meet men and have fun at the same time. So, read on! 1. Take Your Dog For A Walk Take… [+]

Why Narcissist Women Are The Worst Dating Choice?

Posted By: on June 06,2017
Let’s be honest one thing very clear; you can’t change or help narcissistic people. Don’t even think that you can do that unless you’re a trained therapist and they’ve sought your help directly for the purpose of dealing with this mental disorder. Now, that we have made that clear, the question is what it is like to date a woman who is narcissistic? What kind of games all narcissistic women play in relationships that make them such worse dates? Below… [+]
Posted By: on June 06,2017
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