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Don’t Ever Send These Text Messages To Your Boyfriend!

Posted By: on May 27,2017
These days, we’ve become so dependent on technology and became so lazy and inconsiderate with the way we communicate our deepest and important thoughts and feelings. Nowadays, we see people getting angry or passive-aggressive and dealing with major arguments and problems via texts messages which look really silly if you give some thought to it. Here are five text messages that you should never think of sending to someone you’re dating. Text #1: Why Are You Mad At Me? If… [+]

Want To Tackle Jealousy In Your Relationship? Then Read This!

Posted By: on May 27,2017
Jealousy is a part of any romantic relationship. Most people have experienced jealousy at some point in their relationships. There are reasons you're getting jealous. You feel insecure; you seem to lost trust in your boyfriend or girlfriend, and you’ve anxiety of some kind. Jealousy acts as a signal that something in the relationship has gone wrong. Uncontrollable or frequent jealousy, if left unchecked can destroy a relationship. Therefore, you need to get rid of your jealousy, the sooner, the… [+]

Lies We Tell To Our Boyfriends To Make Our Relationships Stronger

Posted By: on May 26,2017
Sometimes, the truth can be very harsh. That’s why sometimes we have to tell all those white lies in our relationships and marriages to keep it strong. It's something we have embraced as a part of a romantic relationship. Here are some lies women tell their boyfriends and husbands to keep their relationship exciting and thriving: 1. The Sex Is Awesome! When you have a demanding career or married with kids, the last thing you’ve on your mind is to… [+]

Here’s How Nice Guys Are Winning Online Dating

Posted By: on May 26,2017
Who says that nice guys always finish last? Well, not anymore. According to a dating site called Zoosk, it’s been reported that when it comes to crushing the online dating scene, it’s the nice guys who finish first. I can feel that you folks are looking for some proof, and I do have some- 1. Guys who message women back in the same day have a response rate of 62 percent. 2. Guys who have listed the word “thoughtful” in… [+]

4 Dating Secrets Nobody Tells You About Winning His Heart

Posted By: on May 25,2017
When a man says that he isn’t ready for a relationship, what he’s actually trying to say that he’s just not ready to be in a relationship with you. But, when he eventually comes across that one woman who resembles the woman he always envisioned in his dreams, he'll commit to her no matter what because he doesn't want to risk losing her. Here are four things most guys need but won't tell you before they can fully commit to… [+]

Every Man Wants To See This Quality In A Woman

Posted By: on May 25,2017
Are you wondering how to make a guy want you, but always get overwhelmed by the number of tricks that you choose? Did you ever think if a man genuinely feels attracted to you and what actually he wants from you? Frankly, if you’re looking for a relationship, you need a man who values you. You should be able to make a man want you not by manipulating or by bribing him emotionally. A woman should make a man like… [+]

If He doesn’t Follow These Rules, Then Being His Girlfriend Is Meaningless

Posted By: on May 25,2017
When it comes to dating and relationships, for a man, having a girlfriend and being in a committed relationship are two separate things. Whenever a man asks you out on a date, and you start dating him, and eventually prompts you to be his girlfriend, what you have now is a label. If you want to have a loving, committed relationship, there are some agreements that you will need to abide. Frankly, the label "girlfriend" doesn't tell much about yourself… [+]

Mel Gibson’s Net Worth

Posted By: on May 24,2017
When you reach the age of 60 you start analyzing your life and check what you have accomplished up to this age. This can be the case of Mel Gibson who was recently awarded the title The Director of the Year at the Capri Hollywood International Film Festival for his masterpiece Hacksaw Ridge. However, as we are talking about Mel Gibson, the list of accomplishments that he has up to this age is quite long. He is a successful actor… [+]

Out of Shape And In Love? Here Are The 4 Things You Need To Know!

Posted By: on May 24,2017
There are tons of stuff most regular and straight-sized people hardly know about being fat and in love. What if I told you that fat or plus-sized people cannot only be happy, they could also be in healthy, loving relationship with people with different body types? Also, they can have fairytale weddings? Blows your mind, right? Well, it’s true, and it’s happening! So, here are four things you don’t know about being in love while fat: 1. We All Know… [+]

Read This Before You Start Dating A Mama’s Boy

Posted By: on May 23,2017
So, you’ve started dating this lovely guy. He’s attentive and passionate. But, there is something very different about this man. After dating him for a few weeks, you realized that your boyfriend is a total mama’s boy! We aren’t going to tell if this is right or wrong for you, but what actually does this mean for you? How do you feel dating a mama’s boy? What are your future prospects given the fact that his mother is also involved… [+]