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7 Signs That Your Partner Is Growing Distant

Posted By: on July 10,2019
Do you ever feel like something is just "off" in your relationship? Many people find themselves feeling this way when their relationship is on the rocks and their partner is pulling away from them. Before you know it, the relationship could be totally over and you'll be left wondering what happened. It helps to recognize the signs before things really go downhill and your relationship ends. Check out these seven signs that your partner is growing distant from you...before it's… [+]
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8 Small Gestures That Will Show Your Partner How Much They Mean To You

Posted By: on July 04,2019
Anyone who has been in a long term relationship knows that sometimes the passion fades away and the two of you are left wondering how much you really love one another. This can be an awful feeling, but it doesn't always mean the relationship is over. Often times, the two partners have just grown comfortable in the relationship and they forget to go out of their way to show their partner how they really feel. Luckily, it's easy to start… [+]
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8 Small Signs That Your Partner Is Having An Affair

Posted By: on June 24,2019
One of the most common reasons for breaking up is infidelity. Nearly everyone has been cheated on at some point in their life and it's one of the most painful things a person can experience. While infidelity always hurts, it hurts even worse the longer it goes on. Fortunately, there are some subtle signs that can help you to see your partner's infidelity early on. This way, you won't linger on in an unfaithful relationship for too long before the… [+]
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5 Ways Healthy Relationships Change Over Time

Posted By: on May 27,2019
Anyone who has been in a long term relationship knows that they are bound to change as time goes on. The ways that your relationship changes depends on the connection between you and your partner and the health of your relationship itself. Toxic relationships almost always get worse the longer you stay in them, whereas healthy relationships change for the better as time goes on. Find out five ways that healthy relationships change over time: 1. You Will Communicate More… [+]

The 6 Things You Should Never Do After Your Partner Cheats

Posted By: on May 19,2019
Infidelity is a terrible aspect of many relationships and is a very common downfall of even the best ones. While there is no pain quite like that of betrayal, it's important to watch how you react if you have been cheated on. Emotions run high after infidelity and this can cause you to act out in anger. That's why you should be aware of the six things to never do after your partner cheats: 1. Seek Revenge The pain of… [+]

Is Your Partner Afraid Of Commitment? Here’s How To Tell!

Posted By: on May 13,2019
We've all known at least one person who is a total commitment-phobe. They steer clear of long-term relationships. They always avoid official titles like "girlfriend" or "boyfriend." They're terrified of taking a vacation "as a couple." Oh, and they never ever want to meet someone's family or get to know their friends. They basically avoid any aspect of a serious relationship and they are known to bail on partners when they get too attached. While we've all known someone like… [+]
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8 Habits To Give Up For the Good Of Your Relationship

What is the best way to have a healthy, long-lasting relationship? The first step is to drop any bad habits you have that are destructive to your love life. There are certain habits that will only lead to the demise of a relationship and you need to step back, take a look at yourself, and see if you have any of these pesky habits. Check out eight habits to give up for the good of your relationship: 1. Your Social… [+]
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Is “Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater” Really True?

You've probably heard the phrase, "Once a cheater, always a cheater" at some point, right? Many people believe that someone who cheats in a relationship will continue to cheat, either in that relationship or any future ones. Is this really true, though? It turns out, this old saying may not be totally correct... Sure, there are certain people who are serial cheaters. These people find themselves unable to commit to a relationship physically, mentally, or emotionally. These people are often… [+]
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8 Major Signs Your Relationship Is In Trouble

Are you worried that your relationship is headed for a dead end? If you feel like your relationship is on shaky ground, there are always some red flags that can really help you figure things out. Check out eight major signs that your relationship is in trouble: 1. You Never Fight Anymore We know this may sound contradictory, but not fighting could actually be a bad sign for your relationship.Oftentimes, indifference is worse than anger. If you're not fighting over anything… [+]

Is This the Exact Moment That Harmless Flirting Turns Into Cheating?

One of the most debated topics when it comes to relationships is this: Is it ever okay to flirt with someone else when you're in a relationship. It turns out, flirting with someone else is relatively harmless when you're in a relationship. Many people just have a flirtatious nature and they don't even realize when they're flirting with another person. With that said, there is a line that shouldn't be crossed when it comes to flirting. Read on to find… [+]