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friends don't approve of your relationship

Should You Care That Your Partner’s Friends Don’t Like You?

We all know that relationships come with their fair share of trials an tribulations. One of the toughest ones to tackle is when your partner's friends don't like you. This is a very common occurrence, which means a lot of people are wondering how to handle it. What can you do when your partner's friends don't like you? Should you even care that your partner's friends don't like you? Find out what we think below... So your partner's friends totally… [+]
tips for healthy relationships

The One Thing You Should Do Every Day For A Happy Relationship

Having a healthy, happy relationship isn't easy for anyone. Relationships take hard work and it's important to really put in the effort if you want to make your relationship last. When it comes to striving for a healthy relationship, there are endless tips out there that long term couples will give you. All of these tips and tricks are important and very helpful, but we've found that there's one major tip that all happy couples seem to follow. It turns… [+]

How Can You Balance Work and Your Relationship?

Work is a part of everyone's life - well, almost everyone. Most people spend much of their adult life working. You have to work so that you can take care of yourself and support yourself, right? While work is a major part of life, it can take a major toll on your relationship. Depending on your job, you may spend hours away from home working overtime. You may have to go on frequent business trips. Maybe you work a regular… [+]
boyfrends parents hate you

3 Things You Can Do When Your Partner’s Parents Don’t Like You

When it comes to relationships, there are so many problems that can come up. Sure, we know that sounds pessimistic, but it's true! One of the most common problems in a relationship is your partner's parents not approving of you. For most people, it's important that their boyfriend or girlfriend's family likes them. So it's pretty painful to find out their parents can't stand you. It can also take a huge toll on the relationship, especially if your partner really… [+]
meet the parents

The Perfect Time To Introduce Your Partner To Your Parents

It's one of the toughest decisions to make in any new relationship: When should you introduce your partner to your parents? This is a tricky situation, because you want to make sure the timing is just right. Your new partner meeting your parents can really make or break the relationship, so it's important to do this the right way. So when exactly is the perfect time to introduce your partner to your parents? In our totally unprofessional opinion, the perfect… [+]
celebrity couples

Can You Have Chemistry With Someone Else When You’re In A Relationship?

All that anyone can talk about right now is the absolutely electric performance by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper at the 91st Academy Awards. The two sang the hit song "Shallow" from their film A Star Is Born. (The song won an Oscar later in the ceremony!) While everyone has praised the two for how incredible the performance was, everyone is mainly focused on the palpable sexual tension between the two onstage. In fact, fans have been noticing the major chemistry between… [+]
infidelity signals

Subtle Signs: 5 Signs Of Cheating That Are Often Overlooked

Infidelity is the demise of so many relationships and most people think that they can spot the signs of cheating right away. While there are certain red flags that are glaring and obvious, many of the signs of cheating are more subtle. Find out five signs of cheating that are often overlooked: 1. There's A Decrease in Their Libido Pay attention to your sex life. Do you find that you're the only one initiating sex when it used to be… [+]
single on valentines day

How Galentine’s Day Makes Valentine’s Day Fun For Single Women

Are you feeling down and out about being alone on Valentine's Day? No need to worry - women all over the world are single on Valentine's Day, and there is no reason to feel upset about it! In fact, many women have begun celebrating their very own holiday and it's just like Valentine's Day...but better. If you're a fan of the show Parks and Recreation, you're familiar with "Galentine's Day." Galentine's Day started out as a fictional holiday created by Amy… [+]
valentine's day in long-term relationships

Does Valentine’s Day Lose Significance In Long-Term Relationships?

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, which means many couples are making dinner reservations and getting romantic gifts for their partner...but a lot of couples aren't doing anything special at all. Why is it that some couples go all-out celebrating Valentine's Day while other couples don't do much of anything for it? The difference usually depends on how long you've been together. Don't believe us? We're breaking it down below... Is there anything more exciting than your first Valentine's… [+]
girlfriends valentines gifts

10 Great Valentine’s Day Gifts Women Want

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, but there is still plenty of time to get a gift for that special someone! If you're wondering what to get your wife or girlfriend, no worries. There are a few gifts that she'll definitely love! Check out these ten great Valentine's Day gifts women want: 1. Cute Pajamas She'll be thrilled with a pair of cute and/or sexy pajamas. You get extra bonus point if those pajamas are warm and cozy for the cold… [+]