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It’s Not Sex That Will Save Your Relationship. So What Will? Find Out Here!

It’s not uncommon to see couples, who are in long-term relationships not having sex in several months for many reasons. Sex, being an important aspect of a committed relationship, a sexless relationship or marriage is a cause of great concern. When sex is good, the relationship is stable. But when the sex isn’t going great, it can end the relationship. Let’s make one thing clear; sex is one of many things that make up a happy and healthy relationship, it’s… [+]

How To Show Your Girlfriend That You Truly Love Her Without Being Cheesy

When it comes to showing your love to your partner, there are many ways to do it without going overboard. Love is a wonderful thing. Being in a loving relationship with someone is one of the best feelings ever. Every day you share with your person seems like a new and wonderful day. You always keep hoping that you feel like this forever. But, unfortunately, love doesn’t work that way. This kind of early love feels amazing, but it’s unsustainable.… [+]

7 Things Your Girlfriend Or Wife Always Want To Say, But Can’t

Women are always thinking; it is in their nature. Women are always thinking and they can’t help it. Your girlfriend or wife is thinking about so many things and wants to tell you so many things, but she doesn’t because she loves and cares about you and doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. Well, all that’s about to change and a lot of men might be surprised of what women really think about them. Here are seven things women wished… [+]

3 Business Rules That Are Good Relationship Advice Too

When it comes to love, empathy plays an important role. In the business world, leaders are encouraged to develop emotional intelligence. Mostly these are skills to motivate, inspire, and bring people together. Rather than projecting fear and aggression, business leaders are encouraged to listen to their employees and individuals around them. Leaders should allow their employees to do what they excel at instead of ordering them to do what everyone else is doing. Empathy is a must to develop emotional… [+]

5 Things Women Want From Their Future Husband Without Asking

You probably know that women prefer men who initiate and not afraid to take charge. They want who can make date plans, travel plans, have his own interests, voice his opinion and have his own set of goals. They want someone adventurous and can teach them new sex tricks in the bedroom. They want a partner, who can ground them, stay by her side during the hard times, and bring the best out of them. Below are five things ladies… [+]

5 Fun Things All Couples Should Do Together

It’s pretty common to see that most couples have all of their options exhausted when it comes to date night. So, it’s time couples really do come up with some challenging, yet fun things to do spice things up in the relationship and bond with each other. So, put your relationship to the test by getting out of your comfort zones and getting out there and attempting to do something entirely new. Trying something you are not habituated to will… [+]

Even The Healthiest Of Relationships Has Conflicts. Here’s Why

Let’s make one thing clear: If you think of creating harmony by avoiding any kind of conflict, you really don’t have any harmony. Most people want harmony in their lives, relationships, and families. In fact, we just don’t love harmony we need it. Everyone desires to have a peaceful, harmonious relationship with their partners and will do their best to avoid any conflicts. Though, a little conflict may be essential for the relationship, even though most couples yearn for absolute… [+]

Did Modern Society Crush Your Chances Of Finding Love?

Ah, love.  Nowadays this stuff is only found in romantic flicks and romantic novels where the ladies were called, “darling” and men wore three-piece-suits. Love and relationships are more volatile and fragile than ever. We are now living in a disposable society, and people are less committing now, and some are even not committed at all. We can find many reasons for the decline of romance these days, but we think that some societal trends are to blame for most… [+]

8 Gross Things Women Do When In A Relationship That Men Actually Love

When we first meet someone, we are all on our best behavior. However, as the relationship progresses over time, we get sort of comfortable and lot of things start to change. While we might become more comfortable and accepting of seeing our girlfriends without makeup, a lot of other pretty disgusting things may begin to appear. And some of these are so gross that it might make you distance yourself from her. Except, of course, if you are really into… [+]

5 Common Habits of Highly Sexual Couples

Sex is an important aspect of a healthy relationship, no doubt about it. Some couples have a strong sexual connection, while some couples are having a hard time in increasing the intimacy in their relationship, and making their sex life more passionate and increase intimacy. But couples, who are very sexual, make it easy and less stressful, and they can teach you a few things about sexuality in long-term relationships. But before that, let’s make one thing clear; when it… [+]