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Build An Epic Relationship By Following These 3 Tips

When you think of healthy, perfect relationship, what often comes to your mind? Total harmony? Lots of smiles and laughs? No misunderstandings? No fights? No hurtful feelings? Can you build a relationship or a marriage that stay healthy and grows stronger every passing day, month and year? Are you in a situation to remain in a relationship despite the fact that it keeps on deteriorating? It’s true that our lives aren’t certain, and we have no idea what will happen… [+]

Is Money Issues The Root Cause Of Your Relationship Problems?

All of our life we’ve been told that money will make us happy and will solve all of our problems including relationships. It might be that you didn’t have much money growing up or too much of it. Whatever the circumstances are you need to define your relationship with money and take steps that it shouldn’t control your life. We live in a society that places a high value on money. Sure, money will let you get or buy a… [+]

You Know What Is The Best Feeling In The World? Being In Love!

Posted By: on August 30,2017
There is no better feeling in the world than being in love with someone, period. Love changes your life. It makes you happy and hopeful. Most couples tell that when they fell in love with their partners, it was a mind-blowing experience for them. They said they always thought about each other and had a hard time falling asleep. But, it doesn’t matter what other folks tell you about love, you can’t know what love is really like until you… [+]

3 Steps to Help Moving Forward After Being Betrayed By Your Partner

Posted By: on August 30,2017
So, you’ve struck with a betrayal. You feel your whole life is spinning out of control. Your emotions and thoughts are running thin. You feel sad, angry, desperate and resentful to your partner. And you keep asking yourself, what did I do to deserve this? Your mind tells you that you can’t come out of betrayal hole, and your life stopped moving. So, what can you do to get out from this mess? Here are three steps to help you… [+]

How To Forgive Your Partner And Repair Your Marriage

Posted By: on August 29,2017
So you and your partner had a big fight. You had these kinds of explosive arguments in the past, and the two of you stopped talking with each other. And you both know that this can’t be continued for long. You start thinking about that you were right and your spouse was wrong. You are now waiting for your partner to come to you first, and let her tell you how important this relationship is for her, how much she… [+]

Bored With Sex? Here’s How You Can Start Enjoying Sex Again!

Posted By: on August 29,2017
Have you lost the physical intimacy between you and your girlfriend? Does it sometimes appear to that you two are more like roommates than lovers? Does it sometimes occur to you the only common thing you share with your partner is the same job? If this is the case, then you aren’t alone. You see when you have been in a relationship or married for a while, as time passes the relationship becomes mundane and routine. You notice that the… [+]

3 Rituals Passionate Couples Do Everyday

Posted By: on August 24,2017
Relationship rituals are an important part of a loving and committed relationship. These rituals are essential to keep the romance in the relationship alive and to keep it strong and vibrant. So, what exactly are relationships rituals? Rituals are classified as patterns of behavior consistently performed in a particular manner. Some examples of rituals are brushing our teeth in the morning or before going to bed, checking email in the morning, kissing our spouses good night, and so on. Rituals… [+]

How To Cope If You Have Less Sex In Your Relationship

Posted By: on August 23,2017
Take a look at any celebrity or lifestyle magazine or website, and you will be bombarded with articles that are full of sex and relationship advice. You see cheesy headlines such as, “How to have amazing sex!”, “Which sex position is best to have an orgasm!” and so on. Sure, sex is significant regardless if you are in an open or committed relationship. A relationship that has sexual intimacy issues is bound to fail in the long run. But, what… [+]

The Happiest, Envious Relationships Have These 5 Things In Common

Posted By: on August 23,2017
In a society where deceptions are rife, having a partner who is loyal and deeply in love with you is a nothing less than a blessing. Spending your life with a loving and caring spouse means that your life will be happy forever, and simply realizing it will relieve your stress levels by manifolds. We aren’t telling you that the happy couples don’t fight or argue or have misunderstandings with each other, they do have them just like every other… [+]

The Views About Love And Relationships Change While You Grow Up

Posted By: on August 23,2017
The definition of "love" has an entirely different dimension to people at various stages of their lives. People experience love differently throughout their lives, and it teaches us a lot when it comes to defining who we really are.  Sure, there are hundreds of thousands of articles, books, and movies about love and relationships, but it only you who can tell what love really mean to you. And this definition of love will change dramatically as you grow up. All… [+]