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Reasons Why Men Can’t Handle A Deep Woman

It takes lifetime heartbreaking experiences to reach a certain level of depth. The deeper a woman is, the more difficult it is for her to find that someone special for herself. You might go on a lot of dates, but all fails to continue and to develop into a healthy long-term relationship due to the intensity of depth you hold.

Undoubtedly it is the quality of a woman that depicts her sensibility and maturity but taking a closer view; not all men are capable of handling deep and strong women who can understand their true inner self and love them unconditionally. Let us have a look at the reasons as to why these men find difficult to handle deep woman:

She is a straightforward and an honest person

For a deep woman, her integrity comes first no matter what sort of situation occurs. She is an upright person. She says what is true. She gives her honest opinion and expects the same level of honesty from you.

She is going to ask the deepest questions from you

A deep woman would like to travel deep into your heart and through your mind by asking certain questions which you might not be ready to answer on the very first date. She will be probing further into your life to get the real out of you. She will not be taking an interest in formal and superficial conversations. She will be digging you deep even on your very first meeting.

A deep woman can judge their feelings instantly

A deep woman knows what and who they exactly want in their lives. They have a clear perception in their mind of the guy they are looking for. She can conveniently take her decision regarding the continuation of the relationship with you or not even on the very first date. She does not require exploring various options to be completely sure about her feelings.

A deep woman desires to have a deep relationship

A deep woman wants to listen to your life stories. She intends to hear about the pains of your life and would love to support you and stand by your side. She wants to know everything about your past. She wants to share unforgettable moments and incidents of your life and forms the basis to create a healthy, loving and long term relationship with you.

Deep women are incredibly intense

As far as the emotions and thoughts she possesses is being concerned, she can never be unconcerned or apathetic about the things and the people she cares for. The intensity of their emotions is so intense that every man does not have the capability to handle it.

A deep woman loves deeply

A deep woman love truly and deeply and same she wants in response. If you are taking her lightly, she will walk away from you. She is going to detach herself from you if she does receive the love she has been looking for. She never wants casual friendships or dates.

A deep woman will never wait

If you are still confused, hesitant and trying to make up your mind, she is not going to wait for you to understand her depth. She is strong enough to move on and be on her own.

Handle Difference In Relationship With Men And Relationships With Women

God has created men and women both and has kept a huge difference not only in their physiques but also in their psychology. Two boys or girls can be the same, but a boy and a girl can never be the same.   Though, there can be the men and women who may claim that they think the same as their partner of opposite sex but at some point of time, they will agree that there are differences in their mindset. So, it is very important for the men and women to understand the psychology of the women and men respectively in order to live in a healthy relationship. It is the fact that they do expect different things from their partners and often have different meanings for being in the relationship. Here are few great points that will help you to understand the difference between the relationship with men and relationships with women.

Emotional needs are quite different

It is often considered that women are more emotional than men. They can easily express their emotions while the men find it hard to express their emotions, especially when they are feeling depressed and sad.  It has been continuing since ages, that men used to go out in order to earn the bread and butter for their families while the women were supposed to take care of their families. Hence, the men were considered as the supreme in the family. This concept is also present in the modern society, but now you will find that women are also working. This has enabled the women empowerment and now women want an equal position in the house and workplace which has greatly affected the self esteem of the men-ruled-society.

Men Communicate on facts while women do it on emotions

It is the reality that you will find the men communicating on the basis of the facts and figures. They are more practical than women. They tend to interact on the assumptions and bubble facts. Men also like to talk less as compared to the women. Men generally, open up their mouth in front of their boss, clients and customers and that too on the talks related to the business or work. Otherwise, they are a good listener. The relationship of the guys who speak less is better with the women who talk a lot. She will find every reason to talk to him and hence a better compatibility can be set.

It has been seen that men like to communicate through physical intimacy while the girls first like to have the emotional relationship. It is one of the biggest differences between the relationship with men and relationships with women. It is often seen that men initiate for sex in a relationship in order to show that they are sexually strong and available for the sexual relationship. If you want to win the heart of a man, get sexual either through touch or physical intimacy.  While to win the heart of a woman, it is important to sow a seed of emotion and get emotional bonding with her.

Men’s independence is women’s abandonment

Men like to live their life with more freedom and without any restriction. They do not like to be stopped or interrupted.  But, this can make the women to feel neglected by their male partners. It is obvious that most of the women, who are less pampered by their men, have instincts in their mind that their men are having an attraction for some other girl or they are just into an extra marital affair. When it comes to men and relationships with women, it might develop the seed of doubt even in a healthy relationship and can ruin it also. The men want to stay apart and hang out with their friends and best buddies while the women want to spend some quality time with their man only. When the expectations of the men and women are not met from their partners, then it becomes quite difficult for them to stay in a relationship. They feel it better to get separated rather to remain in the relationship that pinches.

Ways to overcome the differences

It becomes very hard to save a relationship when the differences in relationship with men and relationships with women become too vast. There is a need to bridge the gap in order to make the couples to understand each other well. Although, all the differences in the mindset cannot be completely eliminated but there are some of the important ways by which you can overcome the differences to enjoy a healthy relationship with men or women.

  • The key point to overcome the differences is to understand your partner. You are needed to put your feet into his/her shoes and make yourself open for viewing the things from the other side. It will help you to know if you are getting on the wrong way.
  • Maintain a continuous communication. Whether it is the verbal communication or the sexual communication, it should not be obstructed due to your differences.
  • Keep yourself open for discussion. It has been researched that most of the problems are resolved by talking about it. So, you are needed to discuss with your partner on the topics that cause trouble.
  • Share your desires, expectations, likes and dislikes and problems with your partner. It will help your partner to know the real you and to put their effort to meet your desires. Hence, your partner will be able to take a move according to your choice.
  • Take a break from your work, friends, family and relatives. Plan a holiday with your partner so that you can share some quality time without any sort of disturbance. This technique for overcoming the differences in the relationship is a proven method for a healthy relationship.

There are many more ways to overcome the differences in the relationship but all these ways will work only when you are ready to make an effort. For this, you need to understand the things and make yourself available for the changes for better.

Features Of A Online Dating Site That Works For Everyone

Online dating is very popular in many parts of the world. Many singles prefer to use online dating sites to date other singles. Online dating is all about having conversation with other person over the internet. This type of dating is done over the internet. This is a communication that takes place over the internet without being face to face with the person sitting on the other end. Online dating is like a virtual image of yourself that you present to other people over the internet. This interaction is entirely based on the written communication in which people express themselves by typing their feelings. People use these online dating sites to meet some new friends. It is a great way of meeting hundreds of people over the internet. So, if you are thinking of using an online dating site that works for you, you should consider following features.

Fast, easy and convenient: Online dating is the fastest, easiest, and the most convenient way of meeting new people over the internet. This is the feature that makes it so popular among many people. Everyone loves to meet new people whether it’s an adult, or a kid, or senior citizens. Registering on an online dating site is easy and fast. Once you have registered yourself on the website, then you need to build a profile for yourself. Many people believe that creating a profile is a very complex process. But actually it is a simple process to execute. You just need to answer few questions about yourself and your profile will be completed in just a few minutes. The speed and convenience makes it easy for the people who are busy and don’t have the time for the traditional dating. Online dating is the most efficient way of getting started at your finger tips.

Cost: Cost is another feature to consider while choosing online dating sites that work for you. Cost saving is the most appealing feature that makes many people to use online dating sites. Dating someone in real world is way more expensive than dating someone over the dating sites. Couples who are dating each other spend their money on dining, movie tickets, events and concerts and on many other types of places where they can have some fun and get to know each other. But on the other hand, online dating comes with no cost. Many of the online dating sites are free of cost, where as many dating sites charge some nominal amount for their services, which is very nominal. Online dating sites provide you with the facility to know other people properly before going out on a date. This will save your time, effort and most importantly your money. In real world, it is seen that a couples spend lot of money for their first date and their meeting goes terribly wrong and they decide never to see each other again. Online dating sites result in less cost, less expenses, and more people to date if your past dates have failed.

Large database: Large database is another feature to consider for an online dating site that works efficiently. People are shifting from traditional dating system to online dating systems which mean that they are looking for more potential people with whom they can go out for a date. In normal life, it is hard to talk to hundreds of people. There are many chances that people refuse to talk to you or they may feel uncomfortable talking to you. But on an online dating site you will only find those people who are there to talk to you and are comfortable to talk to anyone. So, always look for a dating site which has more people to interact with. Also, a database with large number of people increases your chances of getting a romantic date very easily without making any extra efforts. Online dating sites provide you with an international platform to interact with many people across the world and find such people who are very similar to you. Online dating sites provide you with quality people that match your profile.

Privacy and security: Privacy is another feature that many people look while registering themselves on an online dating site. Everyone is concerned about their privacy which means they need some privacy features or security features to stay on the dating site. There are many people who create fake profile just to have some fun with other people. Many of the ex’s are caught sneaking upon their ex boyfriend or girlfriend who are not interested in them and looking for a date. Many dating sites provide their users with a block option to block such annoying people. Many dating sites also need a verification to ensure that the person is genuine who is creating the profile over the dating site. They need to verify their identity with the help of a face book account or a google+ account by logging in their accounts and verifying it. Many dating sites also verify your identity with the help of a photo verification process. Security is also needed in a dating website so that their profile should not be hacked or the credit card details cannot be stolen from their database.

Communication: Communication is very important to interact with other people. Communication is the most important feature to consider in an online dating site that works for you. Communication is the base of every dating site. Communication helps you to interact with the other people on the dating site. Most of the dating sites provide their own messenger using which you can chat with other people. Many dating sites provide third party messenger to chat with other people, where as many offer their messaging service simply over the e-mail or as a message. Many dating sites also offer video chat feature which you can use to communicate with other people. You can use messaging service according to your needs varying from one dating site to another.

How To Find Success While Handling A Complicated Relationship?

Relationships become difficult for so many reasons. There can be issues like trust, commitment, long distance or even abusive. The situation uses to worsen day by day and people just do not know how to figure out the problems and lead a happy and fruitful life.

Most people believe that if the relationship is not working out well, then it is better to be separated. However, sometimes our heart doesn't seem to accept this. Why is this so? This is because the love and care we hold for that person are unconditional and blind. We do not realize that the person we truly love does not deserve our love. Moreover, sometimes we stay in the hope of getting things better someday.

Handling a complicated relationship and finding success in it

Complications need to be worked out. It is not necessary that complications must lead you to the failure, it can be sorted out, and the relationships are saved for good. Here are a few tips to help you work out your complications:

Finding out the main cause

The foremost step while handling a complicated relationship is to find out what is the cause of all the difficulties. Where does the central problem lie? Is it the trust or the commitment issues that are creating problems or is it being abusive? Figuring out and then solving the problems is the first step for a healthy long term relationship.

Open your communication

Mostly challenges and complications occur and prolonged due to the lack of communication. If anything is disturbing you, be open to talking to your partner rather than piling it inside which will build up only misunderstandings between you and your partner. Discussing, giving each other your pieces of mind and clearing things up forms the basis of a healthy relationship.

Make your unhappiness known to your partner

Sometimes you may think that your relationship is not working out properly and that you are unhappy, but your partner does not feel the same. According to him, everything is going just smooth and fine. In such a situation you need to talk to your partner and say your heart out. Tell him what makes you feel bad. Fix what you think is not going well to live a joyful and healthy life.

Get help from your support system

When life seems full of complications, then definitely you need someone with whom you can share your problems. Give them a true picture of what is going on in your life. They can suggest ways overcome difficulties in your life. They can even support and give you the courage to talk to your partner about everything that is upsetting you to clear all the matters for a flourishing life.

Get rid of the obstacles that are complicating your relationship

Are the long, tough working hours and tight schedules are setting you two apart? Well, there is a need to discuss this matter. No need to leave your jobs, but at least you two can sit and spend a quality time together.

Relationships are tricky, and sometimes they end up being a complete mess. Little efforts can help you survive your complicated relationships and make them successful.



When to Introduce Your New Partner to Your Children


Dating while being a parent and single isn’t easy. For most people, it’s like living a double life. The more you involved in your kids’ lives, the more important it becomes to tell them all the nitty-gritty details of your dating life. That is when you have found someone worthy of introducing to your children. As like all other things, accepting change or new things is hard at first, so you should find a way and the right time to introduce you new partner into your children’s lives.

If you don’t know how, these are three steps to find out when and how to introduce your new potential partner to your children in a comfortable way.

Be Cautious and Keep Things Slow At First

It doesn’t matter how your previous marriage or relationship ended; children need time to adjust if there is the change in their family dynamics. They need time to process the upheaval before they develop an attachment to a new person. All their lives your kids have been habituated of living with parents at home. As you get involved romantically with someone, at first keep things separate from your children. Don’t let know all the details, just the final decision. Start by mentioning to your kids that you will only date when you feel ready. Ask them to tell you their feelings about you starting a new relationship, answer their questions and listen to their concerns. However, before actually making introductions, psychologists recommend waiting.

Know When to Introduce

Only introduce your new partner to your kids only when you’re serious about him or her, and both partners have agreed to start a relationship. Tell your kids that you have met someone “nice” and you “like” him and her. Ask your children to tell you how they feel about the new person, and again make an effort to respond to their questions and assure them about their concerns. Tell your kids that if all go well, you would like them to meet and get to know that person too.

Consider Your Ex-Spouse

Most marriage and family therapists agree that it’s wise to inform your ex-spouse if you are dating and want to introduce your new partner to the kids, especially if there is a shared custody agreement. This will prevent the kids from becoming “informants” on either side. Your former partner has every right to know to whom the children are being exposed to, and don’t want them to be witness to any overnight changes for a while.

Know How to Introduce

Before you introduce your new partner to your kids, find a way to get everyone involved. Activities like bowling, kayaking, a trip to the zoo, a family cooking class or a reunion are great examples. However, keep your activities short and check on your child or children how are they feeling, listen to them and cater to their needs. Remember, it’s your time and care that your kids mostly need.

Getting involved in a relationship while being a parent can be quite confusing and daunting at the beginning, as the children feel they are being left out. However, these steps will help you maintain a healthy transition between your new love life and your kids.

Check Out Relationship Advice Understanding Women For Healthy Relationship With Her

Relationships are tricky; you can get into it very easily but it takes a lot of effort to maintain a relationship. Several researches have been conducted to know the psychology of couples towards their relationship. Most of the researches have concluded that guys face trouble in understanding their woman, which ultimately causes lots of trouble in the relationship. The extent of the troubles sometimes grows so big that it becomes difficult for the couples to handle their relationship problems.  Women are probably the most complicated creation by God.

Complicated to understand her

On one side she is bold, tough and strong while on the other side she is soft, emotional and affectionate. Women have the skills to easily adapt according to the situations. So, it is natural for the men to often get confused with the real nature of a woman. Also, women have the great skills of hiding their emotions which makes the men more confusing. Hence, they find it difficult to understand their women. If you think that you are also not able to understand your women then you need to get relationship advice understanding women. Before, knowing the tips for understanding women, you should keep in mind that not all the women are same. Each has her own personality and psychology so you should not compare one woman with another.

Here are some of the relationship advices that all the men are needed to understand to get into better relationship with the women.

Become a good friend of her

You should become a good friend of your woman in order to improve your relationship with her. Friendship is the key foundation of a love based relationship. If you want to understand your woman, get casual with her. Ask her everything about her likes and dislikes and her desires so that you can make a step close to her. Before getting into a sexual relationship with her, you are needed to make her completely comfortable with you. When she is comfortable with you, she will be more open to interact or communicate with you. She will let you know more about her and gradually you will be able to understand her psychology and can easily know when she is happy or sad and how she will react in various situations. It is an effective relationship advice understanding women of your life.

Women need care

Almost all the women see their men as the best care taker. So, if you want to be the best man for your woman, you should learn to care of your woman. Instead of saying how much you care about your woman, you should show it to her. Take care of her needs even if she has not asked anything. Fulfill her dreams and ask her what she wants. You can get a dress which she wants to buy but could not purchase it because of the money constraints. In addition to caring about the physical needs, sexual needs and emotional needs of your woman should also be considered in order to understand her.

Argument is not a solution

One of the best solutions to avoid the fight is to avoid the arguments. When you sense the agitation during your conversation with your woman, you should ensure not to get into an argument with her. At that time, you need to be a good listener to let her say what she feels. It is one of the best relationship advice understanding women. When you will listen to her patiently, she will automatically get cool down and will try to understand the things from your point of view. It also gives her a chance to make her realize her mistake, if any or you can apologize for your mistake.

Be realistic and optimistic before her

Women generally like those men who are realistic. It means you should not try to appear as sham in front of your woman. Make sure that you are true to your words, make right promises, do well to others, be the same as you are and keep your feet on the ground. It is a great way by which you will show your real side to your woman. Don’t hesitate to accept your reality. In case, you are not happy with what you have or what you are, you should make an effort to improve your condition and gain more than what you have. Another thing what attracts the women towards you is your optimistic nature. Despite difficulties, you should always have an optimistic approach towards life. If you are able to win the heart of your women with these qualities, then it will be very easy for you understand her.

Keep your relationship interesting

If you want to understand your woman, learn the basic relationship advice understanding women that you need to keep your relationship alive. Take your woman for a date, give surprises, host a get together party for her friends and leave no stones to show her that she is special. It will make her soft heart to melt and you will be able to get a comfortable place in her heart. Spend some quality time with her and talk to her about everything that you can think of. You just need to ensure not to hurt her in anyway. If she is not comfortable on any topic, kindly skip it. Think about the unique things and the unique gifts that you can give to her.

Remember she is worthy

One thing that men should not forget is that, never take your woman for granted. Whether she is working or she is a house wife, don’t forget that she plays an important role in your life, completing your family and upbring your children. Give her the respect which she deserves to get a place in her heart.  When you respect her, she will be more generous towards you and will allow you to understand her. It is sure that if you are able to understand your woman, you will be able to live a better life with her otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable.

Does He Like Me? – Signs To Decode His Body Language

Confused? Are you looking for the signs to make your mind clear whether he likes you or not? Well, you need to keep your eyes peeled to get the answer to your curiosity.

If he is your friend or someone to whom you speak to, then start observing his behavior when he is around you. Moreover, when he is communicating with you is another way to get to read his mind. If he is a shy guy and you know that he will not approach you that easily and comfortably, then give him opportunities to express his feelings for you. Shy guys are tricky. They confuse your mind regarding his feelings for you.

But what if you want to read the mind of a guy who you do not even know well? Start observing him carefully and intensely. Try to figure out his liking and intentions for you through his body language. Next time when you bumped into him, sit near him or walk past him, pay attention to his gestures and behavior.

The confusion will make you go insane if your question remained unanswered and the suspense will kill you with each passing day. Try out the following body language signs to read his mind.

  • Instant change in his behavior:

If he is interested in you, you will observe an immediate change in his behavior as soon as he sees you. If he were sitting quietly, he would start speaking loudly just to grab your attention, or if was laughing, he would instantly lower himself down.

  • He faces you:

You will always find him positioned in such a way that he will be having a clear view of yours. No matter if you are sitting at the event or a gathering, in a cafeteria or library, you will always see him sitting facing you.

  • He stares you a lot:

Staring is one of the clear signals that confirm a guys’ liking and interest in you. Do you find him staring at you a lot? Does he immediately turn his head away whenever you catch up his eyes staring at you? Such situations can clear up your mind very quickly

  • He gets upset:

Are you need to find out that whether the guy is interested in you or not then try flirting around with another guy in front of him. He will get annoyed or may even walk away.

  • He talks differently:

The man who likes you will speak in a different way with you. His speech with other will be entirely different. He talks very boldly with you and listens very amusingly when you speak. He uses a deeper voice, trying to pass on the signals of interest and liking to you.

  • He is being teased:

This is the most visible sign. Whenever he is standing with his friends, and you passed by, they start giving him smiles and punch in his arm. This is the most common happening when the friends are around.

  • Bumping into him very often:

Bumping into the same guy all the time in different places cannot be said to as a mere coincidence. He must be keeping an eye on you and waiting for the right time and opportunity to walk up to you and say hello!!

So all you need is to keep a close eye on his body language which will clear up your mind regarding his liking for you.





Don’t Feel Guilty of Dating If You’re A Single Parent


You are a parent; you love your kids, but you seem to hate the idea of dating with kids. If you feel guilty of leaving your kids, so you can go on a date with someone or fear of rejection because of your single-parent status. It's all too common for most single parents out there considering re-entering the dating world. But the question is why should you feel guilty about it?

According to marriage and family therapist Dr. Sheri Meyers, dating does not make you a bad parents. Dating helps you to find your happiness and not to depend too much on your children for it. Besides, dating also takes away the pressure from your kids to please and reminds that your happiness is your responsibility. In no way does dating mean that you’re neglecting your child, it’s all about maintaining balance. Dr. Meyers, who is also the author of the book, “Chatting or Cheating,” also said dating shouldn’t replace the quality time you spend with your children. Instead, it will help define and individualize you as a single person with the kids in the world.

Founder of Dating with Dignity, Marni Battista, thinks it’s just an excuse people with children say because they’re afraid to date. She says after ending a long-term relationship, single parents often believe that they don’t have the courage and know how to date anymore. So, she suggested in starting slow and getting involved in activities where many parents or groups get together will help in meeting new potential partners. Then, there is online dating, which is a great way to get you back in the dating scene.

Another common fear most single parents have is, a child is often considered a “baggage,” when it comes to dating. They think that people aren’t willing to date someone with a child. So, instead of baggage, think yourself of having a package deal instead, according to Dr. Meyers.

Keep in mind that you are thinking to date or start a relationship with kids. The person you choose will also affect your kids. So, choose someone who is ok with you being a parent, likes children and even better who already has children. Don’t risk to date or have a relationship with someone who might not be open or honest to date people with kids.

Meanwhile, Battista says it is important to demonstrate to children that you can’t have a healthy relationship without good communication, respecting each other boundaries and appreciating one’s self-worth. Also, you should also let them know, there is already a new person in their lives, and that neither mom nor dad isn’t going to replace the parent they already have.

However, family counselors and experts advise that if you want to introduce your new partner to your children, wait until you know the relationship is serious. They also agree to be selective about whom to allow your kids to meet and get attached to. And if that doesn’t work as planned, then it's good to end the relationship before it gets to the phase where it becomes emotionally difficult for both of you to do it.

To wrap up, remember that both you and your children will immensely benefit from dating, because when parents are happy, the children are happier too.

How to Overcome Being Emotionally Needy


We, humans always long to be loved, understood, supported and accepted. While in relationships, we all have been emotionally needy to some extent — meaning we need more emotional support during that phase. It’s acceptable to reach out and ask for help sometimes, but when we become too needy and demanding, downright annoying and clingy, insecure — this can be counterproductive in maintaining a healthy relationship. A person when in a relationship should be able to express their feelings, take care of their own “stuff” and tolerate loneliness if he or she wants the relationship advance. This also conveys our personality and what kind of relationship we want to have.

However, there are people who insecure with an anxious attachment behavior that is usually labeled as overly needy. Some of the key signs are:

  • They deny or minimize their need and ask or manipulate others to fill in their emptiness and emotional needs.
  • They worry their partners don’t love them enough, so they become utterly emotional and insecure. So, they constant reach out to their partners and always remind them they need more around them. Sometimes this can be a nuisance.
  • Emotionally needy people always feel insecure and oversensitive to any situation.
  • They had parents (or a parent) who were illogically nurturing which lead to inner anger and anxiety in themselves, particularly around relationships.


Being overly needy often leaves their partner emotionally exhausted and overwhelmed, which can lead the relationship to break up. This is what anxious people fear about most and yet their behavior will push their partner away. Their partners can’t help them, or compliment them, or reassure them either as they have insatiable and wearing emotional ‘neediness.’

However, you can get over being emotionally needy. Here are few ways you can do it:

Be Aware of Neediness

To recognize a problem you have to be aware of the issue in the first place. Try to understand your emotional anxiety and how it is affecting your relationship now and in the future. Also start addressing how you can get rid of your clingy and needy behavior.

Give Your Partner Some Space

It’s not important how close you are to a person; it’s bad to spend most of your time with him or her. They become overwhelmed, worn out and begin to do things that will force them to break up with you. Try to spend time alone by yourself, and give some space to partner. It is the best approach for a long-term and fruitful relationship.

Learn How to Trust

If your fear abandonment and don’t trust people much, that an indication of neediness. If you have doubt a person’s feelings or fear abandonment, it will provoke the person to end the relationship. Learn to trust your instincts and your partners as well and don’t doubt it.

Be more independent

If you start doing things for yourself and stop depending on people for care and support, you will find fulfillment and get rid of your neediness. Try becoming more self-reliant and independent. The more independence you have in the relationship, the longer it will thrive.

So, strive to make these changes in your life, and you will find yourself in a better place and hopefully in a healthier relationship!

The Reasons He Hasn’t Called You After Your First Date

On the one hand, where you feel excited about your first date yet it is a nerve-wracking experience. Fears surround you from inside, and you are nervous. You are conscious about the way you appear, do you look okay?  Does your hair look fine? Is he going to like you? You want to give your best shot and expect something positive response.

After spending a lovely romantic eve with him, you must be waiting for him to contact you again. And what if he doesn’t? According to you, everything went perfect but why didn’t he call you? This is quite a tense situation especially when you are completely blank about it. You do not know the guy very well whom you are dating then definitely you would not be able to understand that what is exactly going on and thus you are left with guessing session that what would have happened.

Why hasn’t he called you after your first date?

Everything seemed well to you but still he did not call you, very frustrating!! Following reasons might help you to figure out what would have happened:

  • He has lost your number:

Men are careless and sometimes very clumsy. If according to you everything went fine, you found chemistry and bonding between you two and still he did not call you then perhaps he has lost your number. He might have entered it wrong or deleted it by mistake. If you have written it on a piece of paper, then there are chances that he might have lost the paper.

  • He has lost or broke his phone:

There might be a possibility that he has dropped down his phone or has lost it somewhere. Another innocent reason, as there are many other ways to contact during this era of social media.

  • He just not feels like:

Simple ‘liking’ or feels like ‘into’ relationship are two separate feelings. Liking is that he undoubtedly liked you but isn’t really into you. So if you have sent him the message and he does not respond then, probably this would be the reason that he does not want you to get hurt in future.

  • He is a Shy Guy:

Sometimes men are shy. So if he did no call, then this can be a reason that he is feeling shy and confused that whether you liked him or not. He might be scared of asking you out for the second date because apparently, nobody wants to be rejected.

  • He could be extremely busy:

Probably something has come up in his life, a tight schedule, long meetings, workload, etc. that have become the barrier between you two. Give him time and wait; he will get back to you as soon as he gets time.

  • He is waiting for you to make the first move:

Although this one is not common; but it can be one of the reasons. This case is the rare one; only if he finds you the woman with dominant personality or who does not mind making the first move.

So lovely ladies, if you had a perfect date, but he did not call you then probably these are the reasons. However, this sort of situation has nothing to do with the compatibility or romance but is just simple common reasons to figure out the circumstances.