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Sweet Nothings: 30 Things Your Girlfriend Wants To Hear You Say

We don't want to stir up any controversy here, but we have to be honest: Women aren't always the easiest people to please! It can be hard to make your girlfriend happy sometimes, try as you might. If you want to put a smile on your her face, you'll want to know these thirty things your girlfriend wants to hear you say! Check them out below: "Let me tell you what I love about you..." "You're right." "You look beautiful… [+]
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All the Wrong Things: 3 Things To Never Say To A Woman

When it comes to wooing a woman, there are things you should always say and things you should never say. Some things will win her heart and other things will send her running. So how do you know the right things and the wrong things to say? Let us help! We've got three things to never say to a woman: 1. "Calm down." This is hands down the worst thing you could ever say to a woman for multiple reasons.… [+]

Getting It Right: 5 Compliments Women Love Getting

Posted By: on July 02,2018
Talking to a woman can be a little tricky sometimes. You should always be respectful and while you may think it is nice to give her a compliment, there are some compliments that actually offensive. (I.e. "You're not like other girls!" "You've lost so much weight!" etc.) If you want to truly compliment her, you want to tell her something meaningful that will actually make her feel good. To help you understand what a good compliment is, check out these… [+]
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Rated R: 40 Totally Dirty Pickup Lines That Just Might Work

Posted By: on June 14,2018
Honestly, pickup lines don't often work. The best thing you could hope for when using a pickup line is that you really make a woman laugh. If you use one of these 40 dirty pickup lines, that just might happen! Check them out below: Are you a pirate? Cause I’ve got a lot of semen waiting for you! Roses are red, I have tons of class, therefore I am eating your ass! When I saw you, I lost my tongue.… [+]
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Over It: 30 Compliments Women Are Tired Of Hearing

Posted By: on May 10,2018
It's always nice to receive a compliment...or is it? While everyone realizes that compliments are well-intentioned, they don't always come off that way. Some compliments can seem backhanded and others can just be downright annoying. You may think that you're doing something nice by complimenting a woman, but you need to make sure your compliment isn't misconstrued. Read on to find out 30 compliments women are tired of hearing: I really love how thick you are! You look great now… [+]

Gaining Charisma: 5 Conversation Techniques That Will Attract People To You

Have you gone on date after date and had no luck in your love life? Are you wondering where you're going wrong? It may be that you're pushing people away with your conversation skills. Many of us have a hard time communicating in a healthy way and it comes through when we first meet people. Our poor conversation skills end up turning people off and before we know it, we've been single for years. Is there any way to improve… [+]
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The Funny Guy: 6 Tips For Making Women Laugh

Women love guys who can make them laugh. This is an age-old fact. Think of guys like Ryan Reynolds, Paul Rudd and more. If you can make her laugh, you're on the way to winning her heart. Now, we understand that you may not be a natural comedian. No worries, though. We're always here to help. If you want to win her heart through humor, we've got six tips for making women laugh. Check them out below: 1. Figure out… [+]
Bad Pickup Lines

Are You Serious?: 20 Of The Worst Pickup Lines Ever

Some of them are cute and clever, but most of them are downright awful. We're talking about pickup lines! How many times have you been approached by someone and heard a truly cringe-worthy pickup line? They number of dreadful pickup lines is truly endless, but we've put together the twenty worst pickup lines we've ever heard. Check them out here: I'm afraid I've lost my teddy bear...can I sleep with you instead? Can you touch my hand? I want to… [+]
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She’s Just Not That Into You: 7 Signs A Girl Isn’t Interested In You

Women can be hard to read. You can't always decipher the signals that they give off. When talking to a woman you probably wonder, "Does she like me? Does she just want me to go away? What is she thinking about?" It turns out there are some obvious signs that a woman is not at all interested in you. To help you out, read on to find out the eight major signs that a girl isn't interested in you: 1.… [+]
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Flirting 101: 8 Foolproof Ways to Flirt With A Woman

Flirting isn't always easy. A lot of people find it difficult to flirt with someone. What are the right or wrong things to say? What are the non-verbal ways to flirt with someone? We're here to help you out with eight foolproof ways to flirt with a woman: 1. Put In Effort The most important aspect of flirting is to actually put in the effort. It's not always going to come easy, so you have to do some work. If… [+]