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8 Ways To Be Get Better at Flirting

Posted By: on March 14,2017
When it comes to flirting, it’s different for both men and women. You need to have confidence if you want to master the art of flirting. Remember, no relationship have started without successful flirting. Most of our communication is non-verbal. Our body language speaks first, and from our body language, people can tell if we are confident or anxious. Flirting can be pleasant and friendly. It will open door of different opportunities to you. Heck, you’ll end up with a… [+]

Rules On Dating Again After A Breakup

Posted By: on March 09,2017
Often people say that the best way to recover from a breakup is to get back immediately in the dating scene and start dating. We aren’t saying that’s it's wrong, but it could backfire. So, we won’t suggest this to anyone. The thing is dating can sometimes be challenging. Finding a great match, and falling in love is a slow and a thoughtful process. If we don't rush, be patient, and make the right decisions, beautiful things can happen. Consequently,… [+]

How to Ask Your Boyfriend to Stop Texting and Start Talking

If you’re dating or in a relationship or looking for someone new, you might get frustrated if you see that your man likes to text you most of time, instead of talking. So, how can you get your guy to give his obsession with texting and finally make him talk? Here are some tips that will help you out: 1. Be honest. Tell your man that you understand that texting is efficient and effective given that you both are busy… [+]

What To Do If Your Friends Don’t Like Your Partner

So your friends don't like your new partner. You’re really in love with this person, makes you happy and so far things are going okay. However, things start to go bad when you’re with your friends, and they aren’t supportive of your new partner and your new relationship. You find yourself that you’re spending a heck a lot of time with your buddies, defending your new found love interest and the relationship. You’re now thinking about leaving your friends for the… [+]

Four Questions Never To Ask Your Partner

Communicating with your partner can be tricky sometimes. You may have the best intentions and only want your spouse to be closer to you. But, the way you decide, to tell the truth, or anything in your mind can inadvertently make a barrier between you and your spouse. And if that rift isn’t taken care of, then it can become deleterious to your relationship. Therefore, you might feel that you aren't totally honest with your partner, or that you only… [+]

What Do You Do When You’re Frustrated with Your Date

It’s natural for people to get angry if we don’t have something we want badly. And it’s even worse when it comes to dating. We understand if you’re becoming angry when you can’t find the perfect mate, even after having dates after dates. Take it as like a job interview, when you can’t land a job even giving a lot of them. Similar, going on many dates, and still failing to find someone to have a lasting relationship can make… [+]
Posted By: on January 18,2017
Have you ever imagined that you can even pick up the female bartender to get laid with you?  If not then you can now start seeing every female bartender with new outlook like never before.  You can even hook up with the female bartender. Is it possible to get laid with a bartender? Yes, it is absolutely possible that you can get laid with bartender without any kind of resistance from her side but only if you are successful in… [+]

Why Being Selfish While Dating is Actually a Good Thing!

Selflessness is considered a sign of well-mannered adults and it’s vital for married people for a long-lasting marriage. But, being selfless can be a poison for people who are dating. You need to be more self-centered when you are seriously dating. In other words, you should be utterly obsessed with yourself if you’re looking for a partner. And, I believe individuals who tend to be generous and selfless while dating will have a hard time to meet someone who is… [+]
Posted By: on January 09,2017
These days, impressing someone has become quite difficult as it is not easy to understand what type of partner they want. So, instead of having a relationship you can go for flirting. Flirting is the activity through which you can attract someone and can gain his/her attention. It is categorized under three types namely sexual flirting, subtle flirting and obvious flirting. You can choose anyone as per the situation, but if you want to flirt with someone without letting him/her… [+]
Posted By: on January 08,2017
Impressing a girl is not easy job at all, especially if you are of shy nature. There are many things that you can keep in mind, if you really want to impress a girl. With all such tips, it will become much easier for you to impress any girl. It will also help you in finding out that what type of boyfriend they want. And if you stand on their entire requirement, then your chances will increase and might be… [+]