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When Did Adam Scott Get So Fit? Adam Scott Supplements Seem To Be His Secret Weapon

(PIOP) - Adam Scott has always been a brilliant exponent of golf fitness. The 2013 Masters champion works out five times a week, performing a grueling mix of Olympic lifts, stability ball twists and battle rope drills. Recently he showed up with a totally new physique, showing his muscles that seem to be the result of something more than just hitting the gym every day. His biceps impressed so much the fans that he even got his own twitter handle: @AdamScottBicep. Adam is… [+]

5 Things You Should Know About Carl Edwards

Carl Edwards is the driver of the No. 19 Toyota Camry in the Sprint Cup Series for Joe Gibbs Racing. This will be the start of his 11th season as a Sprint Cup driver. Born in Columbia, Missouri, Edwards attended college at the University of Missouri. After graduating, he would work as a substitute teacher for some time. He had a lifelong passion for racing, and would eventually go on to become a race car driver. It took some time… [+]

The Shameless Star Steve Howey Reveals the Muscle Supplements he Uses for Extreme Growth!

Steve Howey has been always up and down with his weight. But since he's an actor, it is somewhat normal to have fluctuations for his different roles. Whenever he receives a new role he has to either put on some weight or lose some fat. And when he needs to get in shape in a very short time, it takes much more work. Since he is playing in the Showtime series Shameless, people think that Steve has basically sex for a living… [+]

5 Great Tips For Losing Weight After Turning Forty

Most of us strive to stay in shape throughout our lives, but as we get older, staying in shape gets harder. As you age, your metabolism begins to slow down. You notice a significant change after turning forty: your shirts won't button and your pants feel snug. It's because our metabolism hits an all-time low around the age of forty. You find that gaining weight is super easy, and losing weight is super hard. When you were younger you could… [+]

The Best Ways To Build Muscle After 40 and Boost Testosterone

As we age, we start seeing a lot of unwanted changes in our appearance. This includes weight gain and the loss of muscle mass. The decline in testosterone levels that takes place after men turn forty is the primary cause of losing muscle mass. This low testosterone also makes it harder to build new muscle compared to how easy it might have been in your younger days. How To Build Muscle After 40 Full Report: While these age-related changes are… [+]

Arizona Cardinal Running Back Has An Insane Physique Thanks To The David Johnson Muscle Supplements

Even though Arizona Cardinals didn't have a great season in 2016, we cannot say the same about their running back, David Johnson. He is a buddy superstar and even though he is still very young, he has had a hell of a season so far. His teammates and coach see him as an explosion of energy and determination. Johnson is one of the strongest players in the league. Many people wonder what is the key to his success. Every time… [+]

The Dad Body Supplements are How Millions of Older Men are Getting Ripped in Weeks

(CNN News) - They're calling the dad bod supplements a “War Against the Dad Bod.” Millions of fathers and even their fathers are teaming up in an effort to get back and shape and build muscle to not only prolong their lives, but to improve confidence, energy, and testosterone levels. Because the decline of testosterone happens slowly, most men don't even realize what it feels like to be a 20 year old again. "I feel giddy. I have the hitch in my… [+]

Are the Alex Smith Muscle Supplements the Secret to his Success Later in His Career?

Posted By: on October 29,2017
We found it rather peculiar for a NFL quarterback that struggled so much earlier in his career is having so much success in his 30's, but that's exactly what Alex Smith is doing. And to be honest it couldn't happen to a better person as Alex has been such a model citizen both on and off the field. The one this we noticed about Alex is that he put on a significant amount of muscle over the years, and we… [+]

Are these Innovative Supplements the Reason Clayton Kershaw has become the Most Dominate Pitcher of This ERA?

Posted By: on October 28,2017
Clayton Kershaw signed a 7 year whopping $215,000,000 contract that carries an annual value of $30,714,286. It's the biggest contract in the MLB, for the best pitcher in the MLB. However when you sign a contract that big, you are expected to perform at a high level, year in and year out. In the passed we watched as many players in the MLB turned to performance enhancers when they succumb to pressures of signing huge deals, but we know Clayton would… [+]

Dwyane Wade Supplements Are Giving The Athlete An Energy Boost For The New Challenge In His Career

Posted By: on October 26,2017
(PIOP) - After his breakup this summer with Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls, Dwyane Wade is ready for the next challenge in his career. He is determined to win another Championship and teamed up with his best friend and former teammate Lebron James in Clevealnd.  When Cavaliers trainers saw Dwayne, they were impressed by his raw athleticism. So they started to wonder what keeps him in such incredible shape and with such high level of energy. His secret is actually called Dwayne Wade… [+]