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Get in RIDICULOUS Shape Fast with the Adrian Peterson Supplements

(PIOP)- All NFL Running Backs get compared to Adrian Peterson these days.  He is the pinnacle of what a franchise Running Back should look like.  The combination of his power, strength, agility, and speed are all unmatched.  Defenses don't want to tackle him and everybody that works out in the gym want to look like him.  Adrian Peterson admits the reason to his success are a potent muscle stack he's been taking every since bouncing back from his season ending injury in 2011. We… [+]

Unbelievable Jaw Dropping Transformation with Riff Raff Supplements

Riff Raff recently announced his intentions of training with Hulk Hogan to become a professional wrestler, but apparently his lifestyle change began before his pursuit of WWE. It’s pretty impossible to tell when Riff Raff is serious and when he’s playing into his absurdist character for laughs, but either way, the rapper is clearly serious about changing the way his body looks. His main goal is to gain an astonishing 50 pounds! Like so many others, Riff Raff fell a victim… [+]

NFL Launches Probe into the Aaron Rodgers Supplements, but the Green Bay Packers QB Claims he Hasn’t Done Anything Wrong.

Superstar Green Bay Packers Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, gave an unclear response when pressed to explain why he doesn’t speak to his younger brother, former California Quarterback and current Bachelorette contestant, Jordan Rodgers. While Aaron recently suggested to the press that the feud is because of Jordan talking about private family matters to the public, NFL investigators are now looking further into the situation as they believe Aaron’s comments could be a potential HGH coverup. Like many other NFL superstars, Rodgers… [+]

Get Cut, Get Strong, Get Hard With the Jared Leto Supplements

Jared Leto who won an oscar for his role as Rayon, an emaciated, HIV-positive transgender woman in Dallas Buyer's Club is now playing as the most notorious Superhero villain. It's no wonder that comic fans were caught off guard when hearing that Leto would be introduced as the classic Batman villain, The Joker, in the upcoming Suicide Squad. The actor really needed to make an impossible transformation and didn’t have the slightest clue where to start.  He asked his trainer… [+]

Who Doesn’t Want to Look Like Superman? Now You Can With The Henry Cavill Supplements

To bring the role of Superman to life, Henry Cavill literally had to transform his body into a supreme being.  Superman is the most known, indestructible Superhero, so looking fit was simply not enough. The Director demanded Cavill's muscles must be at their max size, with his body fat sub 10%.  He has to look ripped, big, muscular, defined, and strong all at once. I know what you're thinking,  easier said then done. So when Henry Cavill showed up to… [+]

Triple H Supplements Changed the WWE FOREVER and It Can Help you Add MASSIVE Amounts of Muscle in a Month!

Triple H has won over 23 championships in WWE. He appeared in movies including Pacific Blue, Blade Trinity, and Inside and Out looking fit, but during the past 2 years, Triple H has added 125 pounds to his bench press, 220 pounds to his box squat, 22 inches to his box jump and become more healthier ever before. But how does a professional athlete get become bigger, stronger, and more cut at 50 years old?  We asked him the only logical question: Was… [+]

Push Your Body to it’s Peak with LL Cool J Supplements

LL Cool J is one of the most athletic and toned rappers around, and knocking on 50's door, he is proof that it's easier than ever to stay in shape as you get older - that is, with a little help of course. LL Cool J stands for “Ladies Love Cool James” and he certainly ensures that he keeps the ladies interested by looking muscular and toned. Being one of the most successful and famous entertainers in the game today,… [+]

Should the Ronda Rousey Supplements Be BANNED? Or Are They Just Really Good?

Posted By: on July 12,2016
(PIOP) -- UFC's Ronda Rousey gave a confusing response Sunday when asked to explain allegations that a clinic sent UFC-banned performance-enhancing drugs to her house, first calling the reports "complete trash" and then going on to explain the supplements she did use. While denying using HGH, she's admitting to using supplements that the UFC is considering adding to the list of prohibited substances starting next year. It has been a tumultuous few years for Ronda after suffering the first loss… [+]

Do the Terry Crews Supplements Really Build Lean Muscle and Shred Fat as Soon as You Start Using Them?

Terry Crews might be most well-known as Damon, the shirtless, jacked up convict from Friday After Next or Latrell Spencer, the narcissistic football player obsessed with, well, White Chicks, but before Crews can be cast as the six-foot two-inch go-to black man with a six pack he has to make sure he’s in shape for the part. Happy to showcase the importance of a ripped body, Terry Crews told PIOP his lifelong workout tricks  and what it takes to land a real woman… [+]

How the Ben Affleck Supplements Helped the Actor Bulk up Fast for Batman v. Superman in 4 Weeks!

The first thing you'll notice about the Dark Knight in Batman v. Superman,  is that Ben Affleck got HUGE for the roll. The next? He's also badder — gruff, aggressive, and the kind of character willing to square up to the Man of Steel. Ben Affleck was siked about winning the role as Batman, but he knew that with great power comes great responsibility.  Playing a Superhero is a huge deal, especially when you're trying to fill Christian Bale's shoes. When… [+]