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Tom Brady’s Super Depressing Diet – But Hey If it Keeps Him Playing Like This, Who Can Blame Him, Right?

If you're one of the most renowned athletes in the world, you probably follow a really healthy diet. You won't be able to fuel your muscular build and keep your stamina on Doritos and doughnuts. Greens, proteins and healthy fats are what you need to get that pro-athlete energy, and possibly the Tom Brady Supplements. Tom Brady, however, takes extreme dieting to new extremes...extremes we didn't even know were possible. He goes into detail about his diet in his new… [+]

Mike Tyson Under Fire For Muscle Supplement Use. Find Out Why Men Are Going Crazy Over These!

When Mike Tyson was in his heyday, he used to amaze everyone with his training style. He was up, jogging at 4:30 am and trained to exhaustion. There have been many stories told about Mike's unique way of training and whenever he was asked why he runs so early in the morning, his answer was always the following: "I know that while I train, my opponent is sleeping,"- it's a similar phrase to what Floyd Mayweather says. The Boxing legend… [+]

David Harbour Changed His Body Completely For Hellboy with These Unique Supplements

Whenever an actor takes in a new role, they know they have to prepare mentally, but they also have to undergo a complete body transformation as well. That's exactly what David Harbour did when he received the offer to play the role of Hellboy. The mental transformation was easy given the actors lengthy experience, but after putting on weight for his role in Stranger Things, Harbour needed to lose weight and add muscle for his role as the demon monster in… [+]

New Scandal In NASCAR: Are Matt Kenseth Supplements Legal?

NASCAR drivers are among the most inventive athletes when it comes to how they train. There are some drivers who do triathlons while others train at extreme heats. For elite NASCAR driver, Matt Kenseth things are pretty simple. He counts on cardio and on a very strict diet that keeps him in a very good shape. Moreover, he rests are much as he can so when the race is coming he can resist to the extreme heats and fatigue. On… [+]

Lewis Hamilton Bets Everything On The New Lewis Hamilton Supplements!

Not many people know how much F1 drivers have to do when they get in the car. Usually, people think that being an F1 driver is very simple. All you have to do is just be a good driver and you will be a champion. In reality, things are quite different. Lewis Hamilton is extremely dedicated to his workout routine. He needs strong neck muscles that will help him control his car. Therefore, whenever he has a bit more time,… [+]

Did the Tony Stewart Supplements Take the NASCAR Driver Skills to the Next Level?

Tony Stewart has changed everything during the last year. He decided that he needed a new lifestyle if he wanted to win more NASCAR races. Therefore, he changed the way he eats, what he eats and the way he trains. He is ready for any challenge that could possibly appear. But most of all, he has a lot of fun with everything that he is doing. According to Tony, if you do not put passion and a bit of fun… [+]

Kasey Kahne Supplements Keep The NASCAR Driver In An Amazing Shape

If you are one of those who thinks that NASCAR is a very easy sport, then it means that you have never heard what a driver tells about it. Kasey Kahne decided to give some insights from the life of a NASCAR driver and told everything about how they slowly bake alive during a race. How is that possible? During a NASCAR race, the inside of the car can reach up to 140 degrees. This is practically an inhuman temperature… [+]

Jon Snow Looks Great Thanks To Kit Harington Supplements

We all know Kit from the Game of Thrones series where he plays the role of Jon Snow. However, even though he does not show too much skin here, we could not miss the Pompeii movie where he showed everything. Not many people know that he had only 8 weeks to build those muscles and look as ripped as he appeared in the movie. The film included a lot of fighting scenes and so it was very important that Kit… [+]

Rafael Nadal Supplements Secret Is Finally Revealed

There is no doubt that Rafael Nadal is one of the best tennis players from all times. The no. 1 tennis player does not remember when he held the tennis racquet for the first time, but one thing is for sure: since he first grabbed it, he never let it down. Nadal is one of the fittest athletes in the world. He is not only very talented at tennis, but he also has the necessary agility and intelligence to compete… [+]

NASCAR Driver Gets Into Peak Shape Thanks To Chase Elliott Supplements

Posted By: on August 15,2017
Whenever the NASCAR season revs in to form, the drivers know very well that they need to be in their best shape. The same happens with Chase Elliott who surprises everyone all the time with his amazing physique. His focus points are strength, endurance, and total-body fitness. Therefore, Chase is sure that he will be able to handle each grueling NASCAR season. For Chase Elliott things are very clear. He hits the gym hard all year round and sometimes combines it… [+]