What Causes Pre-Wedding Fights?

Being engaged is always an excellent experience. But as no relationships are immune to fights, there is a chance that you and your partner may get into a pre-wedding fight. But, don’t get startled as it is common at this phase of the relationship. Here are the eight main reasons of pre-wedding fights:

1. Wedding Budget
It's not quite surprising that money is number one problem when it comes to pre-wedding fights. The difference of opinion regarding how to spend your wedding budget often sparks to pre-wedding fight. The way your fiancé spends your dollars might not make sense to you. For example, you may want to keep aside a bulk amount from your budget for a fantastic honeymoon, while you are planning a grand reception and want to put a significant amount for the big day.

2. Your Partner Isn’t As Enthusiastic
Spending a lot of your time in planning the big day, but your partner seems to be indifferent? He might not show any interest in wedding related discussion. It might appear to you that he does care enough or care at all about the biggest event of your life, which is quite disappointing for you. Thus the lack of enthusiasm often leads to a pre-wedding fight between couples.

3. You’re Making All The Plans
It often happens that you are doing to all the pre-wedding arrangement and your partner is busy with her wedding dress. The lack of participation in marriage arrangements can become an issue when it creates some misunderstanding between the couples.

4. The Quest List
The guest list of your wedding can also be a problem. You may want to be surrounded by all of your family and friends on this big day. But your fiancé is thinking about the effects of your guest list on his budget and venue choice. It may be that he just don’t like the program to be as crowdie as a public event and wants only close friends and family on the day.

5. What About My Family And Friends?
The most couples drag themselves in a fight before the wedding on issues regarding family. One may think that his fiancé is giving more priority to his family’s decision over her choice. Or your partner may not feel comfortable with how you deal with his family before the wedding and feel you don’t care about his family tradition.

6. We Are Spending Less Time Together
If you have not spent much time together since you are engaged, it can cause a pre-wedding fight too. Your partner might think that you do not enjoy spending times together. If you have not had any outing or dine out recently or forget to present her a beautiful gift on her birthday, it may create distance between you. Spending more time together is the best approach here in this situation.

7. I Love My Traditions
Differences often emerge between couples regarding traditions, values, customs or religion. Especially if you don’t belong to the same ethnic or social background that you do these issues may become crucial. The may be cases when you feel that your partner is not making an effort to understand your tradition.

8. Your Ex or Old Friend
An old friend or your ex can be problematic in a new relationship. If your girlfriend or boyfriend is maintaining a good relationship with the ex, you guys are most likely to encounter a pre-wedding fight.

When you and your partner have decided to get married after being in a relationship for a while, pre-wedding fights are unexpected, but they can be avoided. It is entirely understandable that you will not agree with everything, but you should agree to disagree. Conflicts in relationships are inevitable, but fighting? That is a choice!

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