Clear Hints You Are Not Wanted Anymore

Sometimes we are so much attracted to a person that we find them the most amazing person on this planet Earth. Completely obsessed, we just start relying a little too much on that person. But we receive not the same in response or sometimes nothing at all.

Sometimes when someone feels like that you are becoming too clingy, they will try to move away from you and find somebody else for themselves who are little less possessive. They would like to replace you if you are holding on to them too tightly. This is the time when you should step a back and stop involving yourself in such a relationship that is one-sided.

Some signs indicate you are pushing on someone too much who is not interested in you or might be possible they seriously feel like getting away from you as quickly as they could. So if you see the below-mentioned signs do not humiliate yourself and back off instantly.

  • They do not reply to your text:

If you are sending them messages and you are not getting replies, then this is being done intentionally. The more you are going to text them the more they will get annoyed, so it is better to keep your phone away and move on!

  • They have stopped hanging out anymore:

If you all spend time together and all of a sudden they stopped hanging out with the group. Moreover, tell everyone that next time you won’t be available and if they appear at the time you are skipped then this is a clear sign that they are avoiding you.

  • They pretend that they have not seen you:

It was obvious that they have seen you and you are also sure about it, but they do not wave you back or just do not wait to catch up, then they definitely want to get rid of you.

  • They are always too “busy”:

Each time you ask them out, their only response is that “Gee! I am busy”. Well, I guess it is time to open your eyes and start looking for someone who is not busy at all for you.

  • They keep on making excuses:

If you catch them lying about what they are doing then finally the time has arrived to find somebody else for you.

  • Feeling of being replaced:

When you see them with another person when they said that they cannot get together, then they might have replaced you.

  • People start to roll their eyes when you ask about them:

When you ask about them from their friends, and they roll their eye as they want to ask you that you still did not have the idea that they do not want you in their lives.

  • You are omitted from their invitation list:

If you are wondering that why you have not received a weekend party or birthday party invitation, then the truth might be is that you have been omitted from their list of the people who are to be invited to the party.

You cannot force any relationship just to happen to you. And where you feel like that you are being ignored and the other person wants to get away from you, it is better to stop yourself right there and then.

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