Clear Signs He Has A Girlfriend And Is Already Taken

Have you been dating a guy whose behavior seems a bit awkward to you? Although everything is going well, still you feel that something is wrong and you cannot figure it out that what and where the problem lies.

At times you are going to tell yourself that you are imagining things and just getting yourself confused. But then again your guy seems a bit mysterious to you. Why is he acting like that? Is he interested in somebody else? Is your man has already been taken by someone else? Well, check out the following cues which are going to indicate you if your guy has already been hooked to somebody else.

Signs that the guy you are dating has already had another girlfriend

It sucks, isn’t it? Finding out that the man you are slowly falling for has already been taken by somebody else or is already dating another girl is quite disturbing as well as disgusting. Well, here are the signs that will help you to verify that your Mr. Right is yours or is he somebody else’s mister and you have been taken as an option.

Unanswered phone calls

Couples call each other just to say “Hi” or to ask that how is everything going during the day but if your man ignores your calls then this signifies that something is wrong. Such men usually prefer taking your calls during fixed timings like during his working hours or if he is at home, otherwise either he ignores it, or you may find his mobile switched off.

The phone is kept secretive

He will keep his mobile hidden from you. He will never answer his phone calls in front of you, or if he does, he moves to another room. He will also keep his phone password secured.

False name

A guy who stores your name in his cell phone under some fictitious name, then this certainly calls for an alarming situation. He definitely had to hide something, especially from another woman who checks on his mobile.

Weekend’s unavailability

You will notice that he is never available on weekends. He usually says that he has work to do or may find another excuse to call off your weekend’s dating programs.

Holidays excuses

Thanksgiving, Easters, Christmas or even Valentine’s Day, he never spends any of his holidays with you. He will always make an excuse to get away with it.

In and out

He is going to stay with you for fixed timings, maybe three hours but not more than that. It makes you feel that he is just coming in and out of your life whenever he wants to. This signifies that he is saving his energies and time for the other woman he loves.

Too much privacy on dates

He will never prefer taking you out in public places. Whenever he takes you out on a date, he will choose a restaurant that is going to be considered as a hole in the wall restaurant.

There are several other pointers which can buzz an alarm for you, but it is suggested that if you want to get hold of your mysterious partner, listen to your instinct. Getting the smallest hint, use these pointers to confirm it for you.

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