Have Cold Feet On A Date? Ways To Gain Confidence

Some people are confident enough to face almost everything, but others do have difficult times with it especially when it comes to their very first date. Confidence is undoubtedly an essential part of your date. If you lack confidence, your date is going to consider it your weakness, and if you are over confident, then he/she will find it to be cheap and arrogant which is again not a good sign.

Confidence is a comfortable disposition towards yourself and to the rest of the people around you. It is not any abrupt change that you have to bring to your personality. People usually lose confidence when they start thinking that what other people will think about them. No need to bother about anyone and do what makes you happy and relaxed.

How do you attain confidence?

Everyone has something to be proud of. Something that makes them feels happy about them. So, firstly you need to assess that what is in you that you should be confident about.

List down your good qualities

Now please do not tell me that you do not have any. Every person possesses something good in them. It is not only the looks that you have to be proud of. Dig deeper into yourself, and you will find your value. It might be your intelligence or your golden heart, just own it and feel proud of it.

List down your bad qualities and work on them

Along with the good qualities, do list down the bad ones. It is equally important to work on them and make them right. Look out for your weaknesses to strengthen them.

Wear something that looks good on you

How about changing your style? Do not topple your wardrobe upside down. Just wear something that suits you and enhances your features.

Talk to yourself in the mirror

Well, this has been one of the very famous tricks. Wake up every morning, walk to your mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are, even though you do not believe it. This will be helpful in boosting up your confidence level, and it will give a fresh and happy start of the day.

Wear makeup when necessary but, do not overload it

Natural beauty is mystical, but putting up a little makeup can do wonders. Use makeup to the level that it will just enhance your features. Avoid using bold colors and highlights.

Wear High Heels

It helps the short height ones. Wear as much high as you can tolerate. It prevents you from slouching and keeps you straight up. Do not forget to try it around the house before walking to your date.


A smile gives a feeling of warmth. It will also encourage your date that in a sense you are enjoying their company. It will naturally make the environment comfortable for you two.

Being confident is a natural occurrence once you get over with your doubts. It enhances your self-esteem and opens the doors of success, happiness, and love for you.

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