Colin Kaepernick Eliminates All Rumors About His Diet

A few years ago Colin Kaepernick can without any doubt the title of one of the best and most talented quarterbacks that NFL has ever had. His physique has always been athletic since a young age, helping him realize that his future should be entering into the sports world. Therefore, he chose football and got determined to leave a mark on it. In 2011 he was selected by the San Francisco 49ers and soon after his rookie season he became the team's rising star. In time his popularity grew and so did his tattoos which look absolutely amazing on his jacked body. As a quarterback, his workout is focused on gaining more strength and stamina. Therefore, he trains 6 days a week and he is extremely dedicated to all the exercises he does.

Recently, rumours started to appear that he has become vegan and because he is not eating meat his performances will suffer. However, he still keeps his targets and results very high and this is also thanks to Colin Kaepernick Supplements that balance his diet and help him burn fat faster.

“I have a very clean diet and I cannot afford to miss my routine if I want to keep my performances. I have only one day of cheating where I let my recover from all the hard working and restrictive diet. This doesn't mean that I eat all the junk food or sugar in the world, but at least I allowed to eat my favorite foods in reasonable portions.”

Colin Kaepernick diet



Orange juice (12-oz glass)
Bowl of Cheerios (large) with granola added, skim milk
Bagel or 2 slices of wheat toast with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter on each piece

Snack (choose one)
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
A container of yogurt with granola
A small bag of trail mix and sports drink
Energy bar, such as Balance, Power or Clif Bar

Grilled chicken salad
Baked potato
Afternoon Snack
Banana with peanut butter (2 tablespoons)

Steak/Chicken/Fish/Turkey and salad

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