College: Time To Experience New Things And Getting Laid

College time is the most memorable time that everyone remembers throughout his life journey, especially, the college parties where you meet new friends and experience many new things. College parties prove to be useful for those who want to lay with someone as, every college organizes different type of parties such as prom night, date night, dance night and many social events in which many girls and boys participate which increases the chances of meeting new girls and approaching them for having sex. It is easy to approach the girls at the college parties because many options are available there, you can try on many if you want. But, it is not always easy to sleep with someone, so in order to do this you should keep some important things in your mind. Following are the tips on getting laid in college:

Be friendly to the person: Being friendly with person is the most important tip that you should keep in your mind. Many girls like those people who are friendly in nature and do not put any kind of restriction on them. If you are really interested in any of the girls then firstly, you should become her friend and after that you can take a step ahead. Socializing also helps in knowing the person and his/her likes or dislikes with whom you want to sleep.

Talking with hot girls:  It does not matter whether you are in cafeteria or classroom, just feel free to talk with hot girls of your class. Try to know their likes, wishes and goals and avoid aggressiveness on them as it will have a negative impact on your image. If you are really interested in any of them then ask her for a date or offer her a cup of coffee. Sometimes, talking with hot girls of your class proves to be very useful as it makes other girls jealous especially when you are handsome and good looking guy. This, will also help you in identifying that which girl is really interested in you and can do anything thing for sleeping with you.

Smiling and eye contacting: Eye contacting and smiling proves to be very useful instrument for inviting a girl to sleep. It is a very useful tip on getting laid in college.  Deep eye contact with a girl is very bold move as it increases the sexual tension because when you make an eye contact with a girl, you actually start communicating with a girl through your eyes.  It is said that anything which you cannot say through your mouth can be said and understood through your eyes. On the other side, smiling is also a great tool to attract a girl as a, pleasant and happy smile differs you from other guys. Smile also shows your confidence level as girls like confident people who remain relaxed and tension free.

Attract with appearance: You can attract the girls with your appearance and over all look. If you want to sleep with a girl you should dress well and in a proper manner. Attracting girl does not mean wearing expensive clothes and shoes. All you need to show is that you are a well mannered guy and undertake every activity with perfection. You can attract the girls by wearing wrinkle free and clean clothes along with sharp shoes. Not only your clothes but yours hairs and other accessories will also attract a girl and she will take you in a positive way.

Make her comfortable: other tips on getting laid in college include taking the girl in confidence by making her feel comfortable. You should make girl feel comfortable by talking with her nicely and by knowing about her likes and dislikes. Keep interacting with the girl continuously so that both of you can understand each other better. It will also help in deciding your future planning and once if you will take the girl in confidence level then it will become easy for you to make the girl ready to sleep with you.

Be likeable: This is one of the most important tips on getting laid in college.  This stage helps you in identifying that whether the girl whom you like and want to sleep with also likes you not because you cannot sleep with the girl until and unless she also wants this. You can identify this by talking to her and by understanding more about her. Try talking to her by texting or by calling if she answers your calls or replies to your text that means she is also interested in you and wants to sleep with you.

Find common things: Try to find out common things between both of you such as likes, dislikes, hobbies, places of interest and many more. It is due to the fact that most of the girls like those boys whose thinking matches with their thinking. For girls sleeping is all about their mood, conditions and timing and for many of them sexual talking is too early. You can impress the girl on the basis of your common grounds. Like you can arrange a candle light dinner or can take her out for a movie.

Make girls laugh: You can also attract the girls towards you by making them laugh. Laughing is a good and appropriate technique to attract any girl or to make her ready to sleep with you. Laughing sometimes creates romantic atmosphere and also increases the sexual tension. Laughing appeals the women’s sense of humor and increases your chances of having sex with them. But, laughing does not mean that you should become a clown, just remain what you are and try to impress the girl as fast as possible.

Every approach will not be successful: It is not possible that your every approach will become successful and you will get laid. Many times you will fail in impressing the girl as you are doing it for the first time so, it will be good for you if you will take it in a good way. Because, most of the times you will find such girls in college who are not compatible for you.

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