Most Common Signs That Teach You How To Detect A Gold Digger

You just met a girl that looks and acts completely different than all other women you had in your life? You know something is different with her and you have doubts, but how to confirm? Obviously, she is a gold digger, or in simple words, a money woman. It is a huge mistake asking her is she this you are thinking. That’s why you must know how to detect a gold digger.

A good thing is the fact there are several signs that will reveal this. We must mention all of them, or you can make a mistake and believing she is a gold digger, despite the fact she isn’t! Also, we will begin with simpler and smaller signs and build our way towards more severe and more direct ones. Anyway, here are the most common signs that will help you determine she is a gold digger.

  1. Cheap gifts are irrelevant

This is the most common sign you will get. In essence, if you give her a present and she just smiles and tries to ‘’escape’’, she is a gold digger. First of all, she wants and must have expensive gifts, so a gift of $100 isn’t special to her. This is a red flag and it is almost better not to give her anything than to buy her a cheap present!

Gold diggers are materialists, so they don’t want gifts just because it is nice to get one. They want it because they want to have a new expensive item. This is also the main reason why dating gold diggers is so difficult (expensive).

  1. You will pay for sex

If you like prostitutes, you will love gold diggers. These women are basically selling their bodies. Sadly, this also means that you cannot turn her on as your money can. A good thing is that everything is allowed. You want a blowjob in public, buy her an expensive necklace. You want anal sex, buy her a bag. Don’t forget to give her your credit card each time you two have sex, so she can ‘’relax’’ in shopping and make the next time better. Let’s just add the fact they are extremely expensive prostitutes.

  1. Only money, no success

If you want to know how to detect a gold digger in a single sentence, just ask her what she wants. The answer should be something like, ‘’I want money, but I don’t want to be successful.’’ She knows that she doesn’t have any skills nor knowledge that can help her become a successful woman. After all, she wants the money, not glory.

These women usually want to find a rich man who will work hard and support them the entire life. They are educated and this is all they know.

  1. You will get a lot of questions related to the money

How was your day; what’s new and similar questions are something you cannot expect. Gold diggers will only ask you about the money. They will ask you several times per week about your profit and money-related success. How to detect a gold digger? Simply watch for her questions and interests. It isn’t hard to see that the money has a huge role. We must add the fact that their eyes will glow when you tell them how money you have earned. Of course, you can lie!

  1. Doesn’t want your help (unless money)

Gold diggers usually don’t accept advice, nor are they interested in giving some. For example, if you tell her she should work in order to earn money, and that you can help her, she will decline. If you remember, she already has a job, she is a prostate! Gold diggers are interested in spending money, not earning it and they had it all their life, so they don’t know how difficult is to earn.

  1. Her friends are the same

People tend to create friendships with similar or the same people. If she is a gold digger, her friends will be the same. All of them will talk about the money and pay attention only to the rich men. Listening to them carefully will reveal how often they talk about money or money-related things.

  1. Spend and spend more

She will spend all the money she has. Most women like this have daily limits on their credit cards. If she manages to buy everything she wanted, everything will be perfect. If not, she will be upset and she will have to complete the ‘’process’’ on the following day. In any possible case, these women don’t know how to manage money.

  1. She wants to be your wife, maybe too much

All gold diggers will talk about marriage, but the main thing to know is that they will talk too much every day! It is easy to understand why if you know that she is looking for your money, so she isn’t interested in you, but in your financial success. If you are a successful man, you can have her.

  1. Money should be spent only on her

When you buy something to her it is perfect, but when you buy something for you, it is a problem. They want all the money just for them, so when you spend it on yourself, it is a problem and it must be solved as soon as possible. Don’t expect that she will buy something for you!

  1. Asks about your bank info

Eventually she will want to know about your bank data and you will have to tell her. Usually, this happens last.

The bottom line

How to detect a gold digger? Look for all of these signs. Some of them are clever, so they will hide a few of them, but the other ones will still stay visible. Make sure you treat her like an investment, not like an ordinary woman. In addition, make sure she doesn’t spend all your money or she will leave you.

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