What Is Conor McGregor’s Net Worth?

Everyone knows Conor McGregor for his aggressive style of fighting. After being awarded the nickname “The Notorious”, this versatile fighter has managed to bring two important titles under his belt: the lightweight and feather fighter championships. Conor has built his fortune gradually, and now he can be proud with a fortune made out of fighting.

How Much Is Conor McGregor Worth?

In a recent top, Conor McGregor's value has been established at about $22 million. This amount is split between two major categories: $18 million come from the salary and winnings, while the rest represents the sponsorship value. When Forbes created the “Top 100 list of best earners in the world”, Conor had his place in it. Actually, he was the only UFC fighter to be included in this top.

Just as a simple comparison, Nate Diaz who was lucky to beat McGregor once, has a net worth 10 times lower, of just $3 million. This amount comes mainly from endorsements and earnings. Therefore, there cannot be any comparison between the two even though Diaz managed to win over Conor once.

Which Is Conor McGregor Richest Fight?

Even though Diaz won one game against McGregor, the latter didn't accept the defeat so easy. Therefore, he challenged Nate for a rematch. This was the richest fight that Conor has had so far. He earned $3 million after this fight. Everyone has expected McGregor to take revenge after Diaz had beaten him 5 months earlier and so the fight became extremely interesting in terms of money.

Conor did not disappoint his fans and he defeated Diaz. He obtained a points victory, that filled also his accounts with some important millions.

In December 2015, he obtained another record. He became the first UFC fighter to hit the $500,000 purse mark. This happened during the match wth Jose Aldo. He beat Aldo in just 13 seconds with a fabulous knockout.

How Much Does McGregor Win From Sponsorship Deals?

Each year brings around $2 million into Conor's accounts. Reebok, Monster Energy, Volvo or Bud Light are some of the companies that signed important sponsorship deals with the Irish fighter.

McGregor is very exigent when he accepts to collaborate with a company. He wants to associate his image with brands that have a clean reputation and that would never put in danger his name. This is why he started also the collaboration with the one of the best nutrition brands, BSN. The reason he accepted to collaborate with them was because he takes nutrition very seriously. Therefore, he chose to associate himself with a top brand in terms of nutrition and supplements and become a model for those who want to follow his steps.

How Does McGregor Spend His Money?

When your name is worth million of dollars, you think of investing them wisely. Therefore, McGregor decided that one safe investment would be buying homes. He recently spent $2 million on a new mansion in Ireland. He won enough during his fight with Aldo to buy himself a present like this.

Moreover, one of his major passions is owning the fastest and most luxurious cars. He is known for being a “petrolhead” and rumors say that he already owns eight cards. For example, he owns a White BMW i9 or a Cadillac Escalade. Great tastes, we would say!

In conclusion, Conor's path to success is just at the beginning and he still has a lot to demonstrate. He will continue fighting many other fighters in the future that will increase his net worth bringing him more millions and fame.



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