Coping With Breakup Emotions: Not Easy But Not Impossible!

All relationships have their highs and lows, some have their final end and that is when a break up happens. Breakup is a mutual decision from both parties that they are ready to end the relationship forever. This may be on a happy note or in some cases sad as well. Many people are not able to deal with the emotional tension and stress this time brings and therefore end up getting hurt either emotionally or physically. There are several stages that a person goes through during a breakup and they have explained below for better understanding. Along with those stages, tips are given to help deal with that feeling.


People make a lot of beautiful memories when they are in a relationship. The times spent are extraordinary which is why after a breakup, the person is usually in a sudden state of shock where he/she cannot comprehend the reality as it has happened. This feeling of disbelief can last for hours, days or even weeks if the breakup was an unexpected one. The person will face sleep disturbances and a sense of great confusion.

In order to deal with this, the person should focus more on meditation and yoga. These two things will surely help him/her to relax and safely exit from the tension and distress that was created in his/her mind.


This is really common and majority of the people fixate on this stage. This is basically when the heart or mind refuses to believe that the breakup has actually happened. This is because the good memories are too strong in their head to believe that such a tragic thing can happen.

The best way to counter this is to let it out. You can either talk to a close friend or just put down all your feelings in a diary.


This is a dangerous stage because in this the person refuses to conversate or doesn’t interact with anyone. He/she will prefer spending all their day locked up inside their room and sometimes would even skip meals.

This should be dealt with a positive attitude. The person should stay fresh, by exercising and regular showers. He/she should maintain their social interaction with everyone and indulge in activities that keep them busy and occupied most of the day.


This is the stage when you have acknowledged your breakup and now instead of being sad, you show feelings of anger towards yourself as well as your ex. You will blame your ex for not being sincere and sometimes to yourself as well for not being able to maintain the relationship. In this stage, anger is shown by either burning pictures, throwing away your ex’s gifts and just saying bad about your ex to others.

One important thing that should be kept in mind at all times during this stage is to not let the anger get out of hand. It is okay to write about it or even talk to other people or yourself, but any sort of physical aggression should be avoided.

Knowing what comes in each stage of breakup makes it easy for the person to prepare himself/herself to deal with it and take emotional help from friends and family as needed. It definitely is a hard time but should be dealt calmly and with maturity.

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