Why Couples in Committed Relationships Cheat On Their Spouses?

Infidelity can be incredibly devastating to a relationship, whether you’ve been cheated on or were unfortunate enough to get caught in the act. But why people cheat in the first place? Is there a very compelling reason behind it? If you’re in an unhappy or unhealthy relationship or when you see yourself not feeling emotionally and physically attracted to your partner anymore, why not just break up with the other person? Why not just end the relationship if you’ve your eye on someone a little more interesting and sexually appealing that your girlfriend?

So you haven't cheated before, what actions can be regarded as cheating on his or her partner? Well, it all depends on a person's definition of what cheating means.  Men and women said they felt they were cheating on their partner when they got very emotionally close someone besides their partners. Some stated that they thought they were cheating while holding hands, kissing, spooning or cuddling with men and women outside of their relationship. So, what about nonphysical actions? There are plenty of folks who admitted that getting emotionally close with someone outside of a marriage or a relationship a form of cheating.

So, why people in committed relationships cheat on their partners? The most common factor for people, who are in serious relationships, to be unfaithful to their spouses is because their partners stopped paying attention to them, and their partners weren’t there for them. Past cheaters also admit they cheated on their partners because they were having doubts about the relationship. The other reasons were that the other person was really sexually appealing or hot, and the other person felt a secret desire to feel needed and sexy. There is an interesting fact here as it’s been reported that men commit more infidelities than women. It all reinstates the fact that women have greater self-control than men.

When it comes to finding with whom most men and women cheat with – it’s with a friend. People also cheat on their partner by having affairs with someone from work. Other common places where men and women tend to cheat are at bars, on social media, dating apps or using websites that have been specifically designed for people who are interested in having extra-marital affairs. All of these indicate there are lots of opportunities and convenient ways for individuals to cheat on their significant others.

So, do people regret cheating on their spouses? To be honest, they really do. It’s a fact. And how many of the cheaters get caught? Statistics show that more than half of cheating men and women have been caught while doing the deed. It doesn’t matter if you're looking to cheat on your partner, or get caught or not, the most important to find out here – is it worth it? The truth is it hardly matters where you’re or how you encounter someone new and exciting than your existing girlfriend or boyfriend, the temptation to cheat is out there. It’s has been and will be there always. It all depends on you to determine whether or not to act on it. If you’re suspicious that your partner might be unfaithful to you, or dating someone new in secret, look for the warning signs that your spouse is about to do it to you.

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