Should Couples Have Different Friend Circles? – A Matter Of Concern In Relationship

Support system is needed in every aspect of life which helps to make your life easy and comfortable. It can be the physical support for survival and the emotional support. In the present time, people are self dependent and generally capable of arranging for the physical support in their life but they really need help from others for emotional or psychological support. You may have lots of people around you in your life but it is only a friend who can give you emotional support in most of the aspects of your life. It doesn’t matter if you got married, you will need the friends for keeping the enthusiasm and charm of your life alive. It also helps in retaining your social life as well.  There is no problem in having friends after your marriage but certain times you must have heard the noise of arguments between the couples having same friend circle. “Should couples have different friend circles?” or “They should handle their friendship as they were doing before marriage?” You need to check out if you share the common friend circle with your partner.

Make the things simple with common friend circle

There are lots of couples around the world who met through a common friend or they share a common group of friends. It is very obvious for anyone to fall in love with one of their friends and get into a married relationship with him/her. Having common friends for the couples has both pros and cons so it is upto the couples how they handle their relationship with the partner besides having the same friend circle.

Some of the delightful benefits of sharing a common friend circle:

  • There is no question for doubting your partner. You know how your friends are and what kind or relationship your partner shares with a common friend either boy or girl.
  • Freely enjoy in your friend’s group with your partner. Your partner will not feel awkward as if he/she feels on meeting only your friends.
  • There is a scope for arbitration in case of fights and arguments. You can call your friends to discuss about the matter but make sure their interference is limited.
  • You will not feel alone at any point of time, you can call your friends for hangouts and partying at your home.
  • You can easily get the emotional support whenever you are in need of it.

But, there are some strong points which are in favor of the question, “Should couples have different friend circles?” Hence, these points can be considered as the negative side of sharing the same friend circle for the couples.

  • There is a risk of revealing your secrets which you have kept disclosed from your partner.
  • If your friend is of manipulative nature, then there are chances that your relationship can get devastated from his/her influence in your life.
  • Your friend will try to seek space into the personal life of the couple which is not healthy for the romantic relationship.
  • You will feel that your life has become monotonous with same group of friends. There is less scope of meeting new people.
  • Each of the partners will get their space in life to live with independence.

It all depends upon the outlook of the couples towards their friendship and relationship. It is suggested that they should not get it mixed with one another and make their life complicated.

Learn to set the boundaries with your friends

You can easily find that more than half of the relationship problems are caused because of the interference of the third person between the couples. Should couples have different friend circles? Or should the couples have same friend circle?  These two questions have varied answers for different couples. No matter whether you share the common friend circle or separate friend circle, you should learn to distinguish your relationship from friendship. Even if you are very close to you friend and share each and everything, you will have to set the boundaries after you get into relationship. Do not allow your friend to dictate over your relationship and take your relationship decisions on your behalf. Your friend is not in your shoes so it can be injustice if you allow your friends or get influenced with your friend’s decisions for your relationship.

Know who your good friends are

Couples, who either share common friends with their partners or have their different friend circle, should be able to identify their real friends. Not everyone you meet or with whom you spend time is worthy to be called as your friend. Your friend should be supportive but not interfering. If you see that your friend is involving too much in your relationship with your partner then remind him/her that you are still there with your partner. Your friend should be a good listener, attentive and courteous for your relationship problems. He/she should not disclose your life with anyone else and should provide you right guidance. Right from the beginning, if your friend is able to sense that the relationship that you have chosen is not good for you, he/she will warn you about it before time. Later it will be your choice what you want to do.

Get surrounded by the good friends

There are lots of Couples, who are looking for the answer for should couples have same friend circles or should couples have different friend circles?  It is suggested that before looking for this answer, they should find out whether they have good friends or not. If you are having good friends, then you will be able to survive your relationship even when you share the common friends otherwise, you may have to face the problems despite having separate friend circles.  Thus, it is suggested that you should choose your friends wisely. If you think that your relationship can land into trouble because of any of your friends either from the same friend circle or different friend circle, then immediately start maintaining a distance from such friend or friends to share a healthy relationship with your life partner.

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