Daily Gym Workout Schedule- Two Options That Are Means For Those Looking To Lose Weight

Excessive weight has become a common problem amongst many of you and the best way to counter is to have a tight fitness schedule which makes you to sweat a lot. Most of you look for the weight loss products which may be harmful to your health and make a negative impact on your body. One of the major reasons why most of you look for a fit body is to make an impression on the girls and whether you look for dating a Polish girl, a French Girl or an Indian girl, all of them want guys with fit body rather than fatter body.

The first step to a fit body is composing a daily gym workout schedule and follows it strictly in your life. There are different types of fitness schedules that are available and you must choose one that suits your needs of weight loss and which are easier for you to execute. The most common exercises that are deemed to assist the weight loss are the weight training and the cardio fitness exercise.

A Cardio exercise helps you to lose some good weight but does not have any major impact as far as bodybuilding is concerned. On the other hand, with weight training exercises, you might not be able to lose as much weight as through the cardio exercises but you will surely get a better body with abs and triceps that will make anyone to fall for you. Here are some points about these two different exercises and how they affect your body to help you make an efficient daily workout plan that will work for you:

Cardio fitness exercises:

If you want to have a better fitness as far as cardio aspect is concerned, the best way forward for you is to walk for at least half an hour on a daily basis. To make the workout even more powerful, you can add some quick jogging bursts at regular intervals to make sure that you are fit.

The cardio fitness exercise helps in the weight loss and when you increase the jogging portion in this exercise, there is more of an impact on your body weight which reduces significantly after a few days. The best part with the cardio fitness training is that it does not involve putting too much of an effort on your body and then also you get the expected results which is why it is very much liked by the people.

This exercise can also be a boon for you in case you are looking to make an impression on your ex-girlfriend. Many of you suffer heartbreak when you put up weight as your girlfriend may dump you. You can make your ex want you back when you follow a tight fitness schedule. In case, you are looking for some quick results, then you can also look for the use of machines and the treadmills can be an ideal solution for you.

When you include working on treadmill for half an hour in your daily gym workout schedule, then it can be great for you as you can have a better track on the amount of weight that you lose and in addition to this, the modern treadmills are having different programs that will make you to switch your strategy based on the capacity that you have. In addition to this, these treadmills make things even easier as you can plug-in your ear phones and enjoy music while working out.

Weight training:

But sometimes just losing weight is not enough as you need to gain some strength in your body which will further help in making a bold impression on the girls. When you gain some strength as well as the body built, you are no longer fearful to ask a girl to be your girlfriend which makes the things even smoother for you. There are different aspects of the weight training and here are some ways in which you can do training on weights to have a better strength and built:

One arm dumbbell workout:

It can turn out to be a very important part of your daily gym workout schedule as it will allow you to develop some very good strength while also assisting in the weight loss. For those who love to have biceps that will win the heart of anyone, this workout is deemed as the best one. You just need to keep your free hand on a table or floor. Then you need to try to extend the other hand in which you are holding the dumbbell to a limit such that your hands do not come in contact with the ground.

Chest supported weight training:

This is another very helpful weight training exercise in which you need to make use of an inclined bench. You shall lie down on the bench such that your face is facing the ground or the bench and hold the dumbbells in your hands.

After that you shall try to carry both the dumbbells to your rib cage section which helps in developing shoulder and forearm resistance along with helping you to achieve a leaner physique. You can repeat the exercise for 5 to 10 times in a day so that you have the maximum impact without overstressing things. You can make daily gym workout schedule even more effective when you add some other positions and exercises such as bench press which is very effective in the overall physique building and is also included by the athletes in their daily workout plan to gain strength.

By having a good body, you can also flirt with a girl in a better manner. In case, you don’t know How to Flirt with a Girl over Text, then you can start by praising your fit body which will get her involved in the chat and then you can go further and share some tips about enhancing the booties which is quite liked by the girls and they might increase the interest in you.

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