What to Do When Your Date Constantly Interrupts You

Constantly interrupting when someone is talking isn’t just rude, it’s annoying as hell. If you get interrupted every time if you are on a date with someone, it can get frustrating to the point. You just want to stop the conversation and leave your date straight away. So, why do some people keep doing it? There are some reasons, and none of them are good for a relationship. If you got someone, who interrupts you at the date, then you should know that it’s in their habit. And it’s a habit that they can’t quit easily.

Here are four reasons why and what to do if someone you’re dating interrupts you constantly:

Being Anxious

Most men and women who tend to interrupt others often come across are anxious individuals. Their anxiousness is clinical and this can leave a negative impact on their social and professional lives. Interrupting others in the middle of a conversation is rude and won’t win you, friends. Individuals who have the tendency to interrupt other make an impression that they want to speak more, need to be “heard” by others. This impulsive behavior indicates that the person has a severe and long-term anxiety. It's found that most individuals, who didn’t get the enough attention or “nurturing” from their parents, while they were growing up, tend to have this behavior. And they try to spend most of their time trying to make it up for it.

They Feel Social Awkwardness

Some men and women, even though they are decent and good people, aren’t socially inclined and can’t figure out social cues like the rest of us. They constantly interrupt people in the middle of a conversation and don’t usually understand that conversations are a give-and-take process.

Being Egocentric or Selfish

Interrupting others is a turn-off behavior, plain and straightforward. If you don’t have a medical condition that caused you to be socially awkward or impulsive, interrupting others is selfish behavior that should be avoided. It implies that you are smarter than others and need to dominate and in control at all times. Only people with passive attitudes can think of having relationships with egocentric and selfish individuals.

They are Dominating and Aggressive

The word “aggressive” typically means someone is hitting someone. But that’s always the case. Some behaviors don’t look aggressive on the surface; they are aggressive by definition. Aggressive individuals are often dominating and assert their positions. So, they will interrupt other people in a conversation just to send a message they are here to dominate and make their audience understand that it’s their own voices and opinions that matter the most.

Interrupting others is an aggressive and annoying behavior that puts off people. If you come across someone you’re dating, who shows a pattern of interrupting you and others, point out this behavior at the moment. Say your date that before he or she starts, let you finish. Let them know that when you are talking, you don’t want to be interrupted or dominated. However, it’s not your job to fix someone’s rude behaviors or help him or her stop interrupting you or others. So, our advice here is to move on at this early dating stage.

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