Should You Date A More Successful Woman than You?

Like it or not, when it comes to dating men and women operate on a different level. In our society, it’s perfectly and culturally acceptable for a man who is shorter or less qualified than him or makes less money than him. But, when a successful woman dates a guy less successful than her, it surely raises some eyebrows, with many folks telling that the woman hasn’t done quite as well.

So, what will you do if you meet a woman who fares better on paper than you do? Should you try your best to pursue or woo her? Or, should you just walk away? Here are some tips on how to date a successful woman who just happens to earn more than you, without ruining your confidence.

1. Know Her, Not Her Bank Account
Dating a woman who makes more than you, isn’t that different from dating a woman who earns less or even unemployed. Just like any other date, focus on getting to know more about each other; don’t talk about her bank account. She wants to know about you. Talk about shared interests or activities and common goals. Instead of trying to woo her by expensive dinners or gifts, take an interest in activities that you both like doing and enjoy.

2. Don’t Be Distressed By Her Success
The reality is that most highly successful women dump men who feel inferior to themselves and have less self-esteem. Don’t be that guy. A successful woman is more likely to be interested in a man who feels secure with himself and with her financial success as well. To be honest, there is more to do to for a woman than providing for her financially. A successful, smart lady is looking for emotional intimacy with a secure man, rather than looking for someone who will take care of her financially.

3. Allow Her To Pay Sometimes
One significant advantage of dating a successful woman is that your bank account doesn’t have to take all the beating while dating her. While on a date, let her pay sometimes and you can sit back and relax, and get to know all about that amazing woman sitting on the other side of the table. Now, you’ve more cash to spend on stuff that’s necessary for you like season tickets to see your favorite football team play, or buy that new iPhone, etc. It’s a win-win situation!

4. Improve Your Fiscal Position
Though some wrong kind of successful woman might want you to be financially successful, the right ones want you to be financially responsible. Ask yourself do you spend according to your means? Do you have debts? Are you saving or investing for the future? If not, then focus on improving your finances rather than getting intimidated by her financial success.

5. Spend More Time With Each Other
Simply because the woman you’re dating is financially independent doesn’t mean she doesn’t want you to be an important part of her life. But, most smart and successful women are busy with their careers, and finding some quality time to spend together can be challenging, but not impossible. So, work together to reschedule plans whenever needed.

Remember, when dating a woman; it’s always about the woman, not how successful she is or how much money she has. If she’s someone worth wooing and pursuing, then lifts your spirits high and go for it!

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