Dating Advice for Shy People – Things You Shouldn’t Do

Dating is a social activity, and while dating, shy men and women have a slight disadvantage because of it. Shy people aren’t at ease and feel discomfort while meeting new people. But, there is good news that if you make an effort, these behaviors can be changed. However, if left untouched, you’ll find it hard to be successful in the search for a date. Here are some traits common in shy men and women and see if any one of them related to you.

Shy people give too much importance to rejection. While dating, don’t take the whole affair too seriously. It’s a known fact that shy men and women tend to more observational and introverted, so not taking things in a serious way goes against their personality. However, it’s all about the perspective. After all, it’s really impossible to care about someone you’ve just met once. So, keep in mind that the new someone you’re dating doesn't have much influence over your mood, intentions, and feelings. Instead, try to relax and stop thinking about getting rejected.

Shy men and women are people pleasers. Shy people often try to figure out how to make others happy by letting their guards down. Shy people are apathetic, especially when it comes to planning a date with someone new. Instead, of waiting to hear your dates suggestions, try to come up with a few ideas of your own while going out for a date with him or her. By being active, your shy traits will be suppressed quickly. For example, if you date tells you to somewhere he, or she likes, tell them that you would prefer them to accompany you to the museum or the movies.

Shy men and women rarely flirt. Over-flirting can be unpleasant to some, but a little bit of playful flirting will do wonders to your date. Shy individuals often don’t want to be flirtatious and always looks for reasons to relax. So, try to relax and flirt, as while dating you need both of them for a great experience.

Shy people wait for the other person to initiate a conversation topic or make the first move. You can have a great conversation with shy men and women that is if you only ask them. But, getting cozy and have a hearty conversation with someone new can a daunting task for shy folks. However, but having a few dates and setting yourself a time limit like 30 minutes of your date, you can easily overcome you shy behavior and can start a conversation. Meanwhile, shy people also feel uncomfortable while making a move in a date like say kissing. Their minds get stuck about wondering what the other person will think of their advances unless their dates ask or give a hint.

Shy men and women sometimes don’t ask someone for a date – even if they like them or are still interested. For confident folks, it’s preposterous if they ask someone they like for a second date, but for shy people, they simply feel very uncomfortable and anxious about it.

Overall, don’t let your shyness to stop you from asking someone you like for a first date or even second date. If you like someone, ask them. Shy people make this more interesting, and they do have some of the best senses of humor. So, go ask one out for your next date.

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