Dating and Dining: How Hard Is It To Date Somone Who Follows A Restricted Diet?

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We live in an age of a million different dietary restrictions. From restricted diets that are by choice, such as veganism or ketogenic, to restricted diets for medical reasons, such as lactose-free, it seems like everyone follows a restricted diet. We commend those who follow certain diets for ethical reason, such as veganism and vegetarianism. We also understand those who follow certain diets for medical reasons, such as gluten-free or lactose-free. But, since we discuss dating and relationships here, we'd like to take a look at how dietary restrictions affect dating.

How hard is it to date someone who follows a restricted diet? First and foremost, we firmly believe that all dietary restrictions should be respected. Whether it be for ethical reasons of health reasons, or no reason at all, people should eat whatever they want to eat without being criticized for it. If you can't be respectful of your partner's dietary restrictions, then don't be with them. With that said, it would be a lie to say that dietary restrictions don't present certain challenges in a relationship. This mostly applies to new relationships. In long-term relationships, your partner has likely adapted to your dietary restrictions and making sure there are options for you is like second nature. In a new relationship, it can be hard for some people to adapt to your restricted diet. They might make plans at a restaurant that has no options for you and they may not realize it at first. It might be awkward when they take you to meet their family and their family cooks a meal you cannot eat. These things may sound trivial, but they can be hard to get used to in a relationship. Some people may find your dietary restrictions annoying and inconvenient and honestly, these people aren't worth being with!

All in all, while there can be difficulties when it comes to dating someone with a restricted diet, you shouldn't judge someone for what they do or do not eat and you should not let it get in the way of a healthy relationship!

dating someone with dietary restrictions

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