Dating Made Simple: 5 Easy Rules Anyone Can Follow When Dating

Dating is difficult for almost everyone. Those who say dating isn't difficult are either lying or in on some secret we don't know about yet. We worry so much about every aspect of dating: Does this person like me? Do I like them? Do I look all right? Am I acting crazy? Where is this going? These are questions we obsess and agonize over, making dating a stressful situation. For those that find it easy, we don't know what their secret is. However, we have managed to come up with five easy rules that might make dating simpler for the rest of us:

1. Be Positive

The first of our five easy rules is to be positive when dating. If you approach dating with a negative, cynical attitude, you're likely to get very little in return. So don't be so quick to think a date will go badly or that no one wants to go out with you. Be optimistic and have some hope that you're going to meet someone great. If you look at dating in a more positive light, you won't find it so stressful.

2. Let Them Pursue You

This might be hard to do, but we can't get caught up chasing someone too much. Obviously you want to do things for a date and make nice romantic gestures, but don't go overboard. We often forget that there are many other people who like to do the pursuing. This is often the case with men – they usually like to be the one who makes the grand gestures and plans the dates. Don't get caught up trying to take all these things on yourself when you can sit back and relax sometimes.

3. Don't Be Desperate

Absolutely no one likes a desperate person. It is so unattractive, so off-putting. When you're dating, don't let yourself become clingy with anyone. It will only make you come off as desperate, and desperation will send them running. Instead, don't put so much stock in a new relationship. Understand that things might not work out, and if they don't, you have other options. This carefree attitude will not only help you appear more attractive; it will also help you enjoy dating more.

4. Don't Doubt Yourself So Much

This is probably the hardest of our five easy rules. Self doubt plagues all of us, especially when it comes to dating. We worry if the other person likes us. We worry if we look good or not. We worry about how we are acting. It's endless worrying! This is what mainly turns dating into a stressful scenario. If we could just drop the self-doubt, we would enjoy dating much more. So when you go out on a date, be less concerned about how you look or what the other person is thinking. If they like you, that's great. If they don't like you, that's okay. Just relax and you'll find dating to be a better experience.

5. Have Fun

This is the most important of our five easy rules. If you're not having fun while dating, you should stop dating. Like we've said before, dating should not be stressful. We need to take the stress out of dating and replace it with fun. Look at dating as a fun experience. You're getting to know new people and go out places. Make the most of it!

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