Is Dating Multiple People A Good Idea?

Most people associate dating multiple people with cheating, dishonesty, sleazy behavior and simply wrong. But do you know dating multiple people at the same time is a healthy approach to finding your soul mate? As long as you respect the other person’s feelings and don’t engage in anything sexual, and are looking for finding the qualities in a person that will lead to a long-term relationship, it’s all fair.

Here are a few benefits that seeing different people at the same time brings for the quest to find the perfect mate to be in a long and committed relationship.

1. Dating multiple people speeds up the process of finding the right person. For some people, if they go on a first date, there’s instant magic and sparks fly all over the place. But, for others, they take weeks or months, they date several people, to see whether there’s chemistry in them. They have to date multiple people to find their perfect match. Guess how much time you have wasted if you date only one person for two months, and eventually, you both discover that you aren’t compatible with each other! Dating multiple people at once helps you find your partner faster without having to wait to see if the only person you’re dating is right for you or not.

2. Dating multiple people gives you to the chance to compare and contrast. Going on dates with several people at the same period give you perspective about other people’s personalities and behavior. You get to find out that if that guy or lady is more intelligent or thoughtful than the others or whether this person has a better sense of humor that the other. You also find out if some people are lazy or active and punctual or if he or she’s more committed to having a relationship than the others, and so forth. This will give you that chance of being a person that best matches your preferences and interest which is important to have a long lasting relationship.

3. Dating several people makes you more confident and improves your dating skills. Dating, especially first dates can be daunting. That’s why people refrain from seeing several people at the same time. It can nerve-racking for most people to go on first dates in a row, particularly to those who have been away from the dating scene for a while, or never been in one before. However, compare the dating experience like if you’re looking for a job. You’ll have to face multiple interviews before you get one, and every time you face a job interview, it makes you more confident and less nervous. Similarly, if you go on for the first date with several people, you’ll be less self-conscious and be more focused on the date. You’ll find yourself less anxious about what to say to begin to learn to ask the right questions that will get him or her interested in you. In the process, you’ll figure out if this person is a good match for you.

If doesn’t matter if you’re nervous about going on first dates with many people or just rushing to find your perfect mate and embark on a serious relationship. Allowing yourself to have dates with more than one person at a time can be enriching, fun and beneficial.

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