Dating Someone Also Means Dating Their Jobs As Well

Let’s face it some people have prestigious and exciting professions. Say, bankers, lawyers, doctors, pilots, firefighters, and so forth. We understand why some individuals are attracted to some professionals over others, but remember one thing, dating someone also means you're also dating their careers. In other words, the professions of your partner will have an effect on your relationship.

How will your relationship be affected if your partner worked for long hours?

It depends on you. If you’re highly independent and maintain a vast social network, you could make your relationship function. But, if you’re a little insecure, then dating someone who works for long hours might not be a good match for you. Prestigious professions have a lot of perks, like high salaries, bonuses, social status and so on, but these jobs also come with lots of responsibilities and require intense and extended working hours.

Individuals with exciting careers can also be difficult to date. Exciting careers and physical dangers come hand in hand. Just think how many time people say goodbye to their partners who work as pilots, firefighters or in the military. They can face any accidents or even death while in duty. If you are in a relationship with someone with a stimulating and exciting job, you need to learn to become insensitive and stop getting worried. If you get anxious or concerned about your partner's profession and whether he or she will be okay on a regular basis, then it’s better for you not to get in a relationship with someone with those jobs. The simple reason is you’ll be spending most of your life worrying if your partner will be okay daily and that’s not something most of us can handle. Most couples don’t realize that at the beginning of the relationship, but when they do it’s already too late.

So, what’s the solution you may ask? The answer is having relationships with someone with similar professions.

When you start dating, your new partner at some point will introduce you to his or her colleagues and their partners. When you’re hanging out with them, ask their partners personally how their relationships are going by dating someone with that profession. Ask their spouses if it bothers them and what kind of things you should be expecting about have a relationship someone in that line of work. Try to visualize how a typical weekend will turn out once you and your partner are in a serious relationship. Ask yourself if you’re okay to date someone who comes home in the evening or at midnight, skips having dinner with you and are too tired to spend some time with you.

So, what’s the takeaway here?

Deep inside, nobody knows you better than yourself. You know best what kind of relationship will satisfy you and make you happy. Sometimes, we get overboard and imagine things and try to trick our minds into believing something that’s not right. It’s for this reason why some relationships fail. So, if you’re considering to date or marrying someone who has an exciting and prestigious profession, remember, besides the benefits, there are sacrifices too.

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