How To Deal With Your Ex: The Do’s And Don’ts

Breakups are hard. But what about being in contact with your ex after a breakup? That’s where things seem to get tricky. If you remain in contact with your ex, hold on to the feelings of your ex, you run the risk of delaying your ability to get over your ex and move on quickly. Here are some tips that will help not to slip back into your ex’s arms post break-up. Instead, it will transit you into a future that will make you happy.

Define New Boundaries

Immediately creating new boundaries with your ex is your best defense after a breakup. It means that there will be no phone calls, no emails, no texts, and surely no late-night meetings. Your ex is now your past and has little or no importance in your life. But, when you have kids and work or run a business together, then the healing process becomes challenging, if not impossible. In such situations, you’ll have to make special new boundaries – where dealing and talking with your ex will only be absolutely about your common or shared interests such as children, work or business.

Don’t Approach Your Ex For Support

You lost your love; it’s okay to mourn. But don’t ever seek support and comfort by rushing into your ex’s arms. It’s entirely bad for the healing process. Instead, find mental and emotional support from your close friends and family members. They have the best intentions for you in their hearts and won’t report you to your ex about your recent progress and setbacks. In fact, this is the single best and most important steps to healing after an end of a relationship.

Don’t Bash Your Ex Online

Breakups are awful. It’s only natural to feel angry, sadness, embarrassment, resentment, etc. and it’s very common to see people who have recently broken up to online and bash their former lovers and partners on social media sites in front of their friends and viewers. It’s a bad move. Going online and spewing hate about your ex to everyone on videos, social media and so forth can only bring bad karma into your life.

Be Prepared When You Bump Into Your Ex Accidently

Just because you’ve broken up with your ex, doesn’t mean that he or she has left the planet. Depending on the size of the area or city you live in, there is a possibility that you’ll accidently encounter your ex in person. The event may be or not be dramatic, but the pain will still be there. Bumping into your ex can bring back past memories and will remind you why you loved him or her. It may rekindle those familiar feelings of love, lust, and even loneliness. However, don’t reconnect. He or she is your ex now and accidently meeting them doesn’t change the fact that you aren’t meant to be with each other.

Follow the Six-Month Principle

After a breakup, many therapists have advised newly singles to cut off all kind of communications with their exes for at least six months. In the meantime, focus on activities and hobbies you liked, but never had the time for it, get that promotion you always wanted, visit some new places, buy some new clothes, redesign your house and so on. Giving yourself six months to heal will immensely increase your chances to get over you ex and move on.

Overall, if you stick to these guidelines, your healing process after a breakup will be much easier, get over you ex and move on. Eventually you will find happiness after all.

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