How to Deal With A Guy Who Never Gets Tired Of Lying?

Lying is something that is considered to be bad by everyone. Never should you lie to anyone and just try your best to state the truth everywhere. However, there are times when slightly changing the facts can be of no harm to anyone. For instance, your sister has done getting ready for her special night, and she asks you if she is looking good. Now, even if some part of her overall look isn’t looking nice, you can’t break her heart and let her efforts go to waste by being honest. In situations like these, lying a little is not bad. Now when we talk about relationships, they are solely built on honesty and trust. But life isn’t fair to everyone, and sometimes you are stuck with a partner who does nothing than just lying all the time. This is really harmful to your mental health and therefore must be dealt with as soon as possible. This article is going to advise you a few ways of how you can deal with a guy who is always full of shit.

#1 Don’t acknowledge his lies first

The first and easiest thing you can do with someone who keeps spewing out lie after lie is to completely ignore him. You know that he is lying so it is only smart to stop reacting to whatever he says. This thing can help in a way that sometimes when people see that their behavior isn’t being recognized, then they just stop practicing it.

#2 Challenge his lies

Whenever he says something, and you feel like he is again making stuff up, then you should challenge him. You should ask instant and confusing details about whatever he is saying. In his defense, he will come up with more lies but if you keep asking for details then at some point there is a chance of him saying the truth instead.

#3 Call him out on the lies

Confronting him there and then for his lies can be the worst situation for him. Whenever he lies, just say that you know he is lying. It will put him in a state of confusion because he isn’t really used to people calling him a liar.

#4 Explain that you hate being lied to

If things get too out of hand and he is able to answer back to all your challenges, then this is the time when you should say that his lying hurts you. You should tell him that you do not appreciate this habit of his. If he has any feelings or care for you, then he might just stop lying.

#5 Talk to him about why he needs to lie

There could be a genuine reason behind all his lies like something that he always wants to please everyone. Whatever the reason may be, you should try to talk and discuss the issue with him.

#6 Help him overcome it

Show him that you’re willing to help him get rid of this habit and when he sees the care that you have for him, he will be equally willing to stop doing that.

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