How to Deal When Your Partner Wants ‘Space.’

Hearing your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, or partner need some ‘space’ can invoke insecurity, fear or sadness within yourself. It's a word a person don’t want to hear from their partners. It points that your relationship is in trouble and the end is near, though it might not be that way all the time. So, what should you do? Here are few pieces of advice on how to be careful with your response and yourself, if the time comes, walk away with respect and dignity.

Take your partner’s decision seriously

Your partner is trying to tell you something, so listen to it carefully. They are asking for something them and remember it’s about them, not you. So, don’t feel that they attacked you personally. Don’t make it something about yourself. It will make you appear respectful and confident.

Get clear about it

When your partner tells you that they need some ‘space,' ask them why they need it. How long do want to be separate? Do they what to break up or have a casual relationship? Will they communicate (call, text, and email) with you? How will this affect your living arrangement? Do they want anything from you while they live alone? Doing all this will give you the answers and solace that will make you feel secure.

Be clear about it

Ensure that you are clear about the whole “need some space” thing. Tell your partner is this end of your conversation, how you fell and what do you really want. Be honest with your partner when you say something before they begin to live apart from you.

Be focused and be in control

Remain true to your core beliefs and best self. Keep your integrity intact by being kind, reliable, respectful, and honest. Never let your sadness and worries take control of you, and bear in mind that no difficult situation lasts forever. If you feel overwhelmed or overburdened with your emotions, take a few breaths and stay focused.

Honor their boundaries

When your partner says they don’t want to call or text you, then don’t call or text. If they need three weeks, give them three weeks. Don’t meet them at their homes or work. Don’t think of stalking them on Facebook or other social media sites. If you get lonely and want some support to cope, then ask your closest friends and family, instead of reaching to your partner, while they’re spending some time apart. We know this will be hard, but it’s for your best.

Take care of yourself

You now have plenty of free time and energy. Put it all to good use and spend it on yourself, your friends, and your family. Work hard and play harder. Whenever you feel lonely, take a bath, hang out with a friend, go rock-climbing, watch a movie, eat something nice and so on. You can also visit a therapist and a life coach, and get clear about life goals and what you really want in life.

Taking space can be healthy for a relationship if done with the best intentions in mind. It’s critical you be honest, truthful, compassionate and act with the highest of you integrity to get through this defining moment in your relationship.

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