The Difference Between True Love And Infatuation

It’s obvious that there might be some fundamental differences when it comes to love, infatuation or simply obsession. But most people tend to forget that and they find themselves in situations where they think they’re in love, but in reality, it looks like unhealthy infatuation. Lots of people find it difficult to accept the fact that they’re more obsessed or infatuated with a person rather than in love. So, here are some signs that might help you if you’re in love or infatuated with your new love interest.

You skip on taking responsibilities and commitments. You tend to flake on missing school, work and other important tasks and appointments when suddenly this person calls. He or she doesn’t take into consideration your work schedule or other needs. If you skip or neglect your responsibilities and commitments just to make yourself available for this person, this may be an infatuation. You could regret your decision later when you find this person isn’t interested in you at some point.

You skip your work, errands, and responsibilities, but instead, you wait if your love interest will contact you. This person is putting your life on hold. Well, this is more accepted if you’re in a serious relationship or are married or have kids. But when this person who owes you nothing and has done nothing to show you that he or she cares about you, then it makes no sense. Instead, you’re missing a lot and stressing yourself out by doing so.

You ignore your friends because of your obsession towards this person. When you’re obsessed with someone and devote all of your free time to spend time with him or her, while ignoring your close friends, then it means only one thing. You’re infatuated or lusting after that person. Ultimately, you’ll find that your friends may become frustrated with you because they think that you’re absorbed in your own personal life. They may think that you no longer have time for them.

If you find yourself tangled in this mess, ask deep within yourself, how come you lost your sense of perspective and judgment and forgot to look at the bigger picture? Ask yourself if there is something important that you don’t want to know about your own life. Is it because someone gives you a call for date suddenly or wants to meet you, and do everything to make yourself available to him or her? Do you feel it’s necessary to do everything to be available to this person, though it’s making your personal, social and professional life suffer? If yes, then you may want to rethink your relationship and think if you can maintain a healthy and lasting relationship with this person.

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