It’s Difficult To Let Go Of The Person You Love, But Not Impossible

Nothing feels worse than the physical pain of losing the person you loved. Your heart is broken, and the feelings of loneliness, despair, and hopelessness overwhelm us. If falling in love is the most joyous and wonderful feeling in the world, then letting go of the love is the most terrible feeling one can experience in this world. Letting go of the person you love is not easy, but it is not impossible either. You have to let go of the love that is holding you back and move on with your life. That’s how things work in this world.

Here are three ways you can let go of the love that is holding you back and move on, even when your heart is tearing apart:

  1. Ask yourself how persistent you are to do this

Before making any life changing decisions, ask yourself if you are determined enough actually to break up with your girlfriend. If you aren’t steadfast, you won’t be able to accomplish something so challenging like letting go of the person you loved. It’s imperative that you think long and hard before making this big life alternating decision. Ask yourself again if you ready to do this? Think if there is something in the relationship or within yourself that can be worked out? Pose yourself the question whether you are strong and confident enough to go through with this? If you have said, “yes” to any one or all of these questions, then perhaps you should take some time for yourself before you start this process. Everything gets healed by time, and if you give yourself some time, you will come back much stronger and fully ready to make this challenging task a success.

  1. Cut her loose

We all need “closure” at the end of any romantic relationship. It’s that last conversation where both parties get the chance of what they want to say and tell they understand each other and walk away as friends. But, love or hate it, to me closure is a myth. A closure is your last chance to spend time with your partner and talk to her that you still love her and still have feelings for her. Think of it this way, if you and your partner both have a meaningful conversation and finally understand each other, what’s holding you to be a couple again? So, when you realized that the relationship has come to an end, just cut her loose. Block your partner on your phone, on social media and don’t go to events or places where you think you can bump into her. Getting rid of all kinds of contact with her will make the process easier and less complicated.

  1. Ask yourself what you need to let your girlfriend go and move on

This is important. If there has been some problems in your relationship and decided to end it, ask yourself what is that you need to let go of your partner and move on? For some people it's anger. They want to leave the relationship because she didn’t feel respected. Some men claim that they had hopes and dreams, but their existing relationship made it difficult to achieve their hopes and dreams. So, they quit the relationship. So, ask yourself what you will achieve in your life if you let your girlfriend go?

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