Do Men Look for a Nurturer or Another Mother?

Stepping into a professional life and being in contact with numerous male colleagues and clients, what I have experienced and felt, which I am very sure about is that men need nurturers. Men are looking for women who are very strong and are excellent listeners. On the one hand, where men need physical affection, there they want their women to be very supportive during their tough times. They want them to be warm and kind at heart.  While when we talk about a mother’s nature, it is somewhat the same and it's hard to carry out the differences between the two.

Physical affection of a Girlfriend vs. Mothers

Dealing with men is not easy. They have a very different nature. There are times when they badly need physical affection, and sometimes they just want to be alone all by themselves. A girlfriend must know the alternatives that when her man needs love and when he requires space. When it comes to mothers, they can never leave her child alone and surrounds her child with love and hugs especially when they need space. Same is the case with the mother-type girlfriends and men usually avoid such situations.

Nurturing girlfriends share their opinion whereas mothers tell them what to do

There are various opinions regarding men’s choice of a partner. Some believe that men need mother figures, but those relationships are complicated to last. Let us take an example that supposes you come across with a real handsome guy and you start dating. When you get a chance to visit his place you find it out to be an ultimate mess and disorganized. What a nurturer girlfriend is going to do is to visit the house very often and cleans up the mess with him by saying I enjoy cleaning your house with you. On the other hand, a mother-type girlfriend will keep on telling you to clean your mess and continues to point it out until she finds it spick and span.

Nurturing girlfriends understand and don't try to take charge, while mothers treat you like a little kid

One of the most common fears that a mother-type girlfriend has is that her man’s to do list should be followed correctly and well on time. For example, the man has an important meeting or has an appointment with his doctor; the mother-type girlfriend gives a reminder in the morning and also makes sure that her man reaches there on time. Whereas the nurturer girlfriend, despite being well aware of all this doesn’t set the reminders.

 Nurturing girlfriends accept who you are, while mothers often try to change you

What men mainly desire is to have a girlfriend who accepts him the way he is and does not try to change him. Whereas when it comes to the nature of a mother, she is always concerned about her child and wants her child to be the best of all. In this regard, she kept on grooming her child and tries to bring out the finest. Such mother-type girlfriends are mostly unacceptable by the men and the relationship suffers.

Nurturing girlfriends are good listeners, while mothers talk at you and sometimes even lecture

With my personal experience, I have learned that men always appreciate those women who listen to the situation first rather than making up their stories and creating a scene. Moreover, a nurturer girlfriend quietly listens when her man tells his heart out and put sensible ideas and suggestions in front of him. Whereas a mother-type girlfriend fails to look into the matter, her man tries to explain and immediately jump into judgments and conclusions.

Bottom Line

Both partner’s emotional needs are equally important, and they need to be fulfilled for a fruitful and happy life. The primary requirement is to be supportive and nurturing rather than controlling and telling your partner what to do. Don’t try to change and accept who they are.




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