Do You Want To Know How To Deal With A Breakup: Forget Your Ex In A Matter Of Days

We, humans, are social creatures, which means that we love being close to someone and having a soul mate close. Sadly, in some situations, ideal relationship with ‘’soul mate’’ ends. As usual, one is going to suffer. You probably had one or two situations like this. Then, you believed that not loving ever again is the correct solution. Obviously, this is a mistake, simply because everyone wants to love. In simple words, you must and you should be ready to love again.

Now, we will share a few secrets on how to deal with a breakup and how to feel better in a matter of days. All facts here are tested and checked in real situations, and most of them are actually determined by scientists!

Stop, block and delete social media

Obviously, you and your ex are connected on all possible social media. The first thing you should do, if you want to how to deal with a breakup properly, is to stop using social media. It is impeccable to start with this step, simply because your ex would post new photos, you can see old ones and there would be new statuses. All of this will make the situation even worse and you won’t be able to move on. The best thing is not to ever again add her/him on social media and to forget about that person, but you will need time for this.

Blocking an ex should be done as soon as the breakup occurs. Don’t wait for some miracle to happen, nor try to start a conversation. No matter what you do, until you begin with this step, you won’t be able to move further!

Accept and learn

After a breakup, almost all people still believe that they will be again together with the person who left them. Think like this. If your ex left you, there are some strong reasons. He/she likes another person, you two aren’t compatible, or there is something else. All of these are strong reasons, so chances are high that you two won’t be together, ever again. We come to accepting the truth and realizing that the only direction is forward, alone!

Some individuals want to how to deal with a breakup, but they don’t want to accept it actually occurred. So, the first thing you should do is to accept this situation and to start treating it as an experience. Think about the things that may cause that breakup. Have you did something wrong or you made some mistakes? The next time you will be stronger, precisely thanks to this new experience.

Think about the ex

This probably sounds contradictory! After all, most of you would believe that after a breakup, the ex is the last person you should think of! Actually, scientists proved that you must and you should think about the ex as much as you can. By doing this, you will get over the ex much sooner.

This doesn’t include watching the photos, videos or reading thetext. They can cause depression, so they should be avoided. In fact, you should lie down and start thinking about all the situations you two have had together. The first day, it will be difficult. On the second day, it will be better and ion the third day you won’t even think about your ex!

Don’t use alcohol

After a breakup, you may believe that alcohol or drugs are something that can help you. In order to learn how to deal with a breakup,you must be free to think normally. The situation is even worse if you know that alcohol is a depressant, which means that it causes depression. When you drink it, it will literally turn off some centers in the brain, so you will feel better (the primitive part of the brain would be affected, which explains why drunk people act irrationally). However, in the morning, you will feel much worse than ever before. That’s why depress people who take anti-depressants must avoid alcohol at all cost.

Use your family and friends

When you are in a company of your friends or family, you will feel more secure and happier. It is perfectly normal, and it is related to the long history of humankind. Therapists recommend that you use your friends and family when you are sad or depressed, which means that in a case of a breakup, you need them!

Traveling is the perfect alternative, but with your friends, obviously. You will feel eager to start something new, you will be in new situations, and you won’t even have time to think about your ex. Tip: Avoid parents if they feel you responsible for the breakup and if they liked your ex.

Don’t think you are ready to date after 2 weeks

The thing is, most of you believe that after a breakup, you should start dating again, in order to forget about the ex. This isn’t the truth! If you start dating after just a few days, after the breakup, you will think about your previous relationship all the time. Due to the fact most elements of a new relationship would remind you of the old one, you will start feeling depressed and you will get the desire to make up with the ex.

Forget your ex

This is probably the most important and the most obvious step you should take. If you can do it in a matter of weeks, do it! Don’t make any contact with the ex, don’t even answer if he/she wants to start a conversation. Accept that that was the end and move further. Also, don’t have breakup sex, not ever! It will recall the memories and the feelings, even after a few months, so you may start feeling bad.

Although this cannot be generalized, scientists claim that the time, needed to recover from a breakup is one week for one month, you two were together. This claim actually works, so use it.

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