Does Asking Your Partner to Meet Your Needs Make You Weak?

Let’s face it: If you're in a relationship with someone who you love and trust, being able to ask them for what you really want in the relationship is incredibly important. Love and trust in a relationship or marriage will become stronger if your needs are taken into consideration by your partner. If your needs and wants are consistently ignored, despite repeated efforts on your part, it can break your relationship. In fact, fulfilling wants and needs are two of the most important things that every couple should be discussing. But for some reason, folks automatically assume that their partners are being needy or clingy when they ask for certain things.

Most relationship experts and therapists agree that people in relationships need to fight for what they deserve. Because ultimately, you deserve to be with a man or woman, who will give you everything the world has to offer without making you feel needy.

Whether being needy is good or bad for the relationship, that can’t be answered with a simple a “yes” or “no.” But, talking about our needs being met, we need to ask two things:

Is there a way to ask without appearing too needy?

Sure! Your partner is not a mind reader. You cannot expect for your girlfriend or spouse to just “get it”. You need to tell them what you want. You should give them hints or clues about your desires, and the right way to do it is by being open and honest about it. If you think that the topic is touchy and you aren’t really sure how to bring it up, then do your best to be precise about it. It will help you eliminate any confusion later on in the conversation. Talking about your concerns with your partner or significant other is a natural part of any relationship. It’s an indication that you can communicate your feelings and thoughts with your spouse. Discussing subjects that need to be addressed doesn’t make you a needy or clingy person. It makes you aware of your needs.

Is being needy a bad thing?

There are plenty of relationship advice books, magazines, and websites that say asking our partners for what we need is not a bad thing. If you’re in a relationship, you should be prepared that your girlfriend or wife will ask you for what she needs. And your partner asking you to fulfill their wants and needs doesn’t make them clingy or needy. It’s common for people to label others as “weak” if they need help with something, but asking for something you need isn’t a weakness. In reality, this is something you’ve manifested in your head. If you feel that asking for what you need or want is weak, then you need to change your attitude about yourself and discuss your concerns with your partner. It will make it simpler for you to talk about your issues without self-deprecation. Remember, the strength of the foundation that your relationship depends on is how you express your needs to your partner.

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