Does He Like Me? – Signs To Decode His Body Language

Confused? Are you looking for the signs to make your mind clear whether he likes you or not? Well, you need to keep your eyes peeled to get the answer to your curiosity.

If he is your friend or someone to whom you speak to, then start observing his behavior when he is around you. Moreover, when he is communicating with you is another way to get to read his mind. If he is a shy guy and you know that he will not approach you that easily and comfortably, then give him opportunities to express his feelings for you. Shy guys are tricky. They confuse your mind regarding his feelings for you.

But what if you want to read the mind of a guy who you do not even know well? Start observing him carefully and intensely. Try to figure out his liking and intentions for you through his body language. Next time when you bumped into him, sit near him or walk past him, pay attention to his gestures and behavior.

The confusion will make you go insane if your question remained unanswered and the suspense will kill you with each passing day. Try out the following body language signs to read his mind.

  • Instant change in his behavior:

If he is interested in you, you will observe an immediate change in his behavior as soon as he sees you. If he were sitting quietly, he would start speaking loudly just to grab your attention, or if was laughing, he would instantly lower himself down.

  • He faces you:

You will always find him positioned in such a way that he will be having a clear view of yours. No matter if you are sitting at the event or a gathering, in a cafeteria or library, you will always see him sitting facing you.

  • He stares you a lot:

Staring is one of the clear signals that confirm a guys’ liking and interest in you. Do you find him staring at you a lot? Does he immediately turn his head away whenever you catch up his eyes staring at you? Such situations can clear up your mind very quickly

  • He gets upset:

Are you need to find out that whether the guy is interested in you or not then try flirting around with another guy in front of him. He will get annoyed or may even walk away.

  • He talks differently:

The man who likes you will speak in a different way with you. His speech with other will be entirely different. He talks very boldly with you and listens very amusingly when you speak. He uses a deeper voice, trying to pass on the signals of interest and liking to you.

  • He is being teased:

This is the most visible sign. Whenever he is standing with his friends, and you passed by, they start giving him smiles and punch in his arm. This is the most common happening when the friends are around.

  • Bumping into him very often:

Bumping into the same guy all the time in different places cannot be said to as a mere coincidence. He must be keeping an eye on you and waiting for the right time and opportunity to walk up to you and say hello!!

So all you need is to keep a close eye on his body language which will clear up your mind regarding his liking for you.





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