Do Looks Matter In A Relationship Especially When You Are In Love?

There are some people who believe that a real love is all about the emotions for someone or what he/she is from inside. It is not for their beauty, but for their thinking and behavior. While, there are many others who feel that if you are not attracted to someone physically, you will not feel like to interact with them.  If your partner is ugly, then you may have to suffer humiliation and you will feel less confident to introduce your partner into your social group.  It is obvious that you cannot see someone’s sense of humor or internal beauty at the first glance, it is the physical beauty that attracts. In a large number of researches it was concluded that for the short term relationship or one night stand looks matter a lot while for the long term relationship it is the inner beauty of the person which takes the place of physical charm.

People generally say that when you are in love, your partners seem to be the most attractive person in the world. So, it can’t be denied that looks doesn’t matter at all.  It is just your perception how you take it. Here are some of the points that strongly support for the fact that looks matter to some extent in a relationship but love over takes it.

Body is merely a physical attraction

There will be a certain percentage of the population who agrees when they are asked, “Does look matter to them of their partners?” They look for the partner who is beautiful and charming. But, it is the reality that physical beauty does not last for long. Beautify starts to fade with the increasing age of the person.  So, it can be said that physical attraction may make feel you attracted for someone but this kind of attraction does not last for long. Most probably, it can last for upto two years. After that, you will start feeling the agitation in your relationship and sometimes the situation goes beyond control for the couples.

In most of the cases, where the relationship starts with the physical attraction, couples tend to search out for another pretty and attractive face as they feel less for their existing relationship and want to get out of it as soon as possible. Though there is less stability in the physically attracted relationships but you can have the best time of your life by being with the most attractive person.

Love based relationship is eternal

Like the love, love based relationship is also eternal. In this kind of relationship, people are attracted to each out for their looks but for what they are from inside. This kind of relationship is called as the true love.  It goes for long and lasts forever. Love relationships are not where does look matter, but, the nature, attitude, thinking and personality of the person matters. These traits of the individuals are long lasting. Hence, the success rate of love relationships over the physically attracted relationships is quite high.

If you are in love with your partner, you will try your best to establish a better compatibility with her and you will not want to break the relationship at any cost. This is because, you are emotionally attracted to your partner and it will be nothing less than a trauma if you have to face the separation. So, there is a compromise from both the ends and relationship problems are handled wisely.

Compatibility Development matters

In context of the compatibility, no couples are said to be perfectly compatible with each other.  At some point, they will have disagreements with each other. In the relationship where physical attraction is more than love, there is less empathy which enables the person to become selfish and think of their own desires and wants. In the love relationships, the couples are empathetic towards each other and keep their partners as their priority. Hence, there are sacrifices and compromises which help to keep the relationship alive. Above all, there is an understanding between the two which helps them to consider each other’s likes and dislikes. Thus, a better compatibility level is set and it can be said that life of such couples becomes wonderful. But sometimes, they may favor for does look matter especially when they see their friends with a pretty lady or a handsome guy.  There has to maintain an equal balance between the physical attraction and love in your life to set the best compatibility with your partner.

Not all the physically attracted relationships see the end

Like everything else in the world has their two sides, relationships also have two faces. None relationship can work out on absence of either physical attraction or love. There has to be an equal mix of it in the relationship to make it work for long. Several examples of relationships are there around the world that started with physical attraction and have lasted till the end of life while the various relationships that started with love have seen an end at the very early stage. So, nothing can be concluded about does look matter or not in the relationship. It is upto the couples and the understanding level between the two that determines the life of their relationship.

Establishing better connections

If you are physically attracted to your partner but you do not want to get separated at any cost, then you have to make your continuous efforts to build stronger bond with your partner. You should take help from the couple counseling to develop empathy for each other so that you can get into each other’s shoe for understanding the real cause of the relationship problem and to improve the understanding level between you two to avoid relationship problems. Instead of acting like child and being stubborn in a relationship, you should act maturely and handle the situations well for enjoying a healthy relationship. If you master these skills, you will be able to have the long lasting physical attraction based relationship as well as love based relationship.

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