Does Self Respect Affect You Or Your Relationship?

Where there is love, there are compromises. No love can grow without understanding and give & take. But the compromises should not only be one-sided. You love unconditionally and each time you have to give in which your partner never realizes or acknowledges, such loving will never keep you happy for long.

Each time you manage to understand and your partner only takes, then this is the time where self-respect enters the picture. Self-respect teaches you to love and continue with your relationship in a better way. Having self-respect is the one and only way that makes both the partners valuable for each other.

What self-esteem means?

Self-esteem is the respect that you have it for yourself. Self-respect is commonly confused with the word ego. Well, self-esteem comes first where you recognize yourself, and you believe in yourself. Then, comes the ego which makes you realize how special and important you are.

If you do not respect yourself, nobody is going to show respect to you, not even your partner who will start taking you for granted. After some time you will start feeling hollow and worthless.

Having Self-esteem makes you a better partner

When you start giving importance to yourself, you will understand your worth; and once after knowing your worth, you will start having faith in yourself who will boost up your confidence and sense of morality.

You know you deserve respect and love. When you start demanding it from your partner, you will be appreciated and be taken more seriously.

Here, question yourself! Do you do your best to be a perfect partner? Do you receive the same in response? When each time you go the extra mile for your spouse, and deep down in your heart you know that your partner can never do this for you, then I am extremely sorry to inform you that you are disrespecting yourself and that you are being used by your spouse.

Here you need to understand is that if one does not respect oneself, then your partner will never respect you and this will lead you to the ending of your once happy relationship. As relationships flourish on mutual love, trust, and respect.

What will happen if you lose self-respect?

When in a relationship, you give more and receive less, you’d start ignoring your worth and losing your respect. This is the time when your perfect relationship will start turning into a one-sided love story. Losing self-respect will lead you:

  • To lose your opinion in a relationship and decisions will be taken without your consent.
  • You will be ignored and not taken seriously by your partner.
  • Instead of enjoying a balanced relationship with care and love, you will start believing that the one you love is much better than you.
  • The worst of all, your partner will feel like you are not good enough for him and he deserves better than you.
  • Even if at times, you wish to raise your voice, you will be snub down as they believe that you are not worth hearing.

Self-respect gives you a better life. Firstly learn to respect yourself. Believe in yourself. Then make your partner realize your worth. He will learn to respect you and love you in a better way.


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