Astrological Input: Does Your Zodiac Sign Matter In A Relationship?

zodiac signs in a relationship

Odds are you've encountered an astrology guru at some point in your life. You know, someone who can readily tell you your horoscope and attributes any and all occurrences to someone's zodiac sign. Maybe you're an astrology guru yourself! People who are passionate about astrology believe that your zodiac sign has a huge influence on your relationship. They believe that certain zodiac signs are compatible while others are not. They also believe that certain zodiac signs are more prone to commit infidelity while others are less likely to. We're not here to doubt astrology…but we're not here to confirm it either. We're discussing our thoughts below:

Does your zodiac sign have any influence on your relationship? To be honest, we don't know. We apologize if you were looking for a definitive answer here, but there is just simply no way of knowing. What we can say is this: your zodiac sign might affect your relationship if you are someone who is passionate about astrology. If you have always read your horoscope and always believed it to be true to your life, then you will likely look at your relationship and see ways in which your zodiac sign or your partner's zodiac sign is at play. Now, we can't say whether this is because astrology is legitimate or because our mind conditions us to see things the way we want to in our reality. For instance, some articles claim that a Sagittarius is more likely to cheat than other zodiac signs. If you have an ex who cheated on you and happens to be a Sagittarius, it could be that there is some truth to astrology or it could just be that your ex is an asshole. If you're someone who believes in astrology, that's what you're going to attribute it to. If you're someone who doesn't believe in astrology, you're going to attribute it to something else (i.e. being an asshole.)

All in all, we think that your zodiac sign affects your relationship only if you believe that it does. (But we can't say for sure…)

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