Don’t Be Easily Seduced While Looking For Love

Did it ever occur to you that you went shopping hungry, and you’ve spent more money on food that isn’t right for you? Well, the same thing can happen in dating too when you’ve been single for a long time, or it has been a long time since you’ve been in a romantic relationship. If you’re starved for sex, intimacy, passion, and affection, that every new person you meet will look attractive and desirable to you. Some of those potential matches might be right for, while some of them won’t. So, it’s imperative that you choose a boyfriend or a girlfriend right for, and be watchful that you don’t get seduced easily.

Here are four common signs that might indicate that you maybe too easily seduced.

1. You’re Swift to Overlook Obvious Signs of Incompatibility
If we want something pretty bad, we seldom think of the rationality that’s behind of the things why can’t we or why shouldn’t have it. It’s human nature. If we really want to be in a relationship, in most cases, we ignore all the obvious red flags in our potential partners. We date people, who don’t share common values, have vast differences in tastes in movies, friends, sports, music, hobbies, etc. In short, when we are desperate for companionship we date people who aren’t compatible with ourselves. But, if you want a healthy and long-lasting relationship, compatibility is the most important factor. To ensure that you’re thinking rationally, make a list of the pros and cons of each new partner or relationship. Seeing it written form will prevent you from sugarcoating the obvious.

2. You Discard The Opinions Of Friends And Family
When you’re desperate to be in love, and you’re dating someone not right for you, you even ignore your closest friends and relatives advice, who are seeing the faults in your new relationship. Your friends and family care about you and your well-being and will discover when someone new will hurt you. If you’re repeatedly ignoring their pleas and advice, which in other situations who wouldn’t, then we can safely tell that your desire for being in a relationship at any cost is clouding your judgment.

3. You Make Unreasonable Compromises For The Sake Of The Relationship
Dating feels exciting because it takes you out of your daily routine and into new adventures. But, when a rookie relationship starts to reset personal standards of safety, behavior, and responsibility, then it that case you’re surrendering more than you are getting in return. It’s a crystal clear sign that shows that this partnership is not right for you. For instance, you’re spending more money than you can afford, you're a waste, partying and drinking all night, rushing into sexual relationships sooner than you want, etc. keep in mind, the perfect partner will bring out the best in you. It’s not the other way around.

4. You’re Lingering Longer in a Dead-End Situation than You Should
In any dysfunctional relationship, there comes a moment when the signs of dysfunction become evident. The incompatibility between the two of you turns abusive. But, most people despite knowing that their relationship is on the rocks, they don’t take any steps to end it. Why? Because, they’re too afraid of being single, and start dating all over again. This makes them linger in a dead-end relationship for a long time.

There is nothing wrong to be eager for love, affection, or sexual intimacy. All we are telling that just don’t forget to love yourself and do everything in finding a great partner.

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