Don’t Ever Send These Text Messages To Your Boyfriend!

These days, we’ve become so dependent on technology and became so lazy and inconsiderate with the way we communicate our deepest and important thoughts and feelings. Nowadays, we see people getting angry or passive-aggressive and dealing with major arguments and problems via texts messages which look really silly if you give some thought to it.

Here are five text messages that you should never think of sending to someone you’re dating.

Text #1: Why Are You Mad At Me?
If your boyfriend is truly angry with you, don’t think that you can sort this out effectively by sending some marathon texts. If things don’t work out as planned, there is a good chance that one or both of you will end up feeling angrier if you reply to this type of text. If your anger is somewhat under control, do it over the phone. If the situation is appalling and out of control, resolve or deal with it in person.

Text #2: Why aren't you into me anymore? Why aren't you responding?
If you’re feeling insecure despite you’re in a relationship with someone, then sending texts won’t help the situation that much. In fact, sending text messages that don't get returned will make you feel miserable, frustrated, anxious, and even more insecure. Therefore, don’t get stuck in the vicious, obsessive-compulsive texting cycle when your boyfriend isn't responding to you. Instead, make a quick phone call or plan on leaving a voicemail before you decide to take a brief hiatus from your relationship. Take the week off and focus on other things and activities in your life, and stay prepared that this relationship may or may not work out.

Text #3: I Saw Your Friend In That Picture You Posted Online
This kind of texts is mostly common among teenagers, but don’t get surprised if men and women in their early or late 20s send this kind of text messages. This is very childish, so it’s for the best that you ditch this childish practice soon. Let’s not practice this one anymore. Instead, be direct and straightforward.

Text #4: The relationship is over. We Are Done Here
We won’t explain to you why you shouldn’t break up in a text, no matter how bad the situation has become or what he or she did, or how you or your partner or both of you wanted to end it. Relationships are not like disposable things. You can’t discard or throw people out from your life through a text message as if they're trash. No one should do or even think of doing this despicable and disrespectful act. If you actually want to break up with your partner, do it in person.

Text #5: Don’t Ever Talk To Me Again
To be honest, you're probably saying this impulsively and may very well regret it later. You see texts aren't real conversations. It’s for the best that you shouldn't text about anything that is intensively emotional in nature and involves anger.

When you’re in a relationship, besides these, there are some other texts that you shouldn’t text your boyfriend like, “Where were you last night? Talk dirty to me. Send me something sexy”, so on and so forth. Texting, sometimes, can be extremely impulsive. Therefore, remember these texting rules, and your relationship will be much better off.

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