Don’t Forget To Ask Your Potential Partner These 3 Questions

You’ve found your potential partner. You’ve decided to go on a first date with your match, and hoping that the date will turn into a fully fledged relationship. But, how you would know whether the person you’re dating is interested in having a relationship.

When choosing the right partner for you, here are three things that you ask yourself about yourself about him or her.

1. How Does He/She Make Me Feel?
Falling in love is one of the most beautiful things to happen to a person. The feeling you get from someone liking you is very exciting and intoxicating. You feel lucky, confident and happy to be with him/her. It’s difficult to decode a person's emotions and feelings accurately, but the real motives get exposed after you’ve dated the person for some time. If you see that he or she’s making excuses not to meet or spend time with you, then we can say that he or she isn’t interested or attracted to you. If you discover that he or she isn’t interested in you anymore, and feel miserable or frustrated being with him or her – it’s safe to tell that this person isn’t making you feel good or happy about yourself. The best solution here is to end the relationship, instead of trying to win their approval.

2. How Does He/She Treat Other People?
It’s common for people to be at their best when dating someone new in the first few dates. They talk nice; they behave friendly, they listen to you attentively, compliment you and make you feel important and wanted all the time. But, a person’s real personality is revealed by the way he or she treats other people around them. Notice carefully how your new date treats other people like the taxi driver, the waiter, your friends, your family members, etc. Check, whether he or she is pleasant or stubborn or has proper etiquettes. Check out if the person you’re dating is genuinely a kind, respectful person or whether they're pretending to be good, so you will like or be attracted to them.

3. Can You Trust Him/Her?
It’s a hard question to answer. You can accurately tell whether a person is trustworthy or not just by looking into his or her habits, treat others or how they live their daily lives. Your best bet here is to go by your instincts. What does your gut tell about him or her? Do you think he or she will be a great match for you? It’s amazing how much how instincts can influence our decisions. Keep in mind not to doubt your intuition. If your instincts say that you can trust him o her, go for it.

If you’re looking for a relationship, these are the three things that you need to ask yourself about your future partner. It’s fine if you see some of the points arguable but remember in our societies, we have reached a point where we judge a person, his or her physical looks, career, money, and so on. We ignore reliable and dependable qualities like compassion, trust, kindness, and respect. But, in reality, it’s these qualities that are building blocks of a successful and lasting relationship.

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