Don’t Know How To Talk To Your Crush? Here Are Some Great Tips!

Did you have a crush on someone? Are you in love with someone but don't know or find the courage on how to talk to your crush? How can you that you like so much fall in love with you? It’s perfectly okay of the thought of initiating a conversation with your crush making you a little bit anxious. However, if you take things slow and focus on how to do it in the way; you’ll realize that it is not as challenging as you initially thought.

Below are some tips to help you get your crush notice you and like you back.

1. Ask For Support
An easy for your crush to notice you is to ask your crush for help when you see her nearby. Just pretend like you are looking for something like a person or a book. Try to look impatient and dramatic. It will make her think that you’re panicking as you’re already late for something. Then, all of a sudden, look at the eyes of your crush and ask her, “Did you see any book lying around here?” And when your crush responds to your question, keep looking around the place for a few more seconds, and then smile nod and walk away like you’re busy or flustered. Bear in mind not to have a conversation at this moment. Otherwise, you crush will think that you’re faking the whole thing.

2. Drop Something Accidentally
If you want to talk with your crush and notice you, drop something accidentally a little value such as a pen or your keys while walking in front of that person. Your crush will see it, and they’ll take it as an excuse to have a real conversation with you. And, if your crush doesn’t notice what you just did, then move on. You’ve nothing to lose.

3. Use Social Media
If your crush is on Facebook, comment on something that they also commented on. But you can only do this when the two of you have a mutual friend. At this, you don’t need to chat with them directly, just try to make them notice you. If they like you, they might check out your Facebook page and will try to collect more information about you. The trick here is to make your crush fall for you and make them curious about you. Later if both have been exchanging those flirty glances on the streets for some time, commenting on the same posts on Facebook, consider sending her a friend’s request. Chatting on Facebook can help you to gain the confidence for a face-to-face conversation with your crush.

4. Smile While Walking Past Your Love Interest
Smile fleetingly when walking past your crush. You can say, “Hi” or “Hello”, while walking past them. However, make sure that there isn’t anyone around them. Remember, not to stop and have a conversation with your crush at that time, only say hello and walk away. This will slowly build up the chemistry, and they would be waiting to talk to you the next time when you both of you bump into one another. And when you do bump into each other, keep the conversation brief at this first time. However, don’t be jealous or rude when you see your crush talking with someone else. Avoid doing this at all cost as you’re dating or in a relationship with her.

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